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Another Guy Man: Deji, Others Want To Use Charley Boy

By Jide Kol

Pls read the real story

Deji and few others are Politicians that want to use Charley Boy brand to launch themselves

I was one of the early members in the movement. We moved from lagos to Anuja. After 2yrs I left because the movement was solely funded by one man, as a photographer and a media aid, I was staying at the Boulevard (Charly Boy’s home), if I needed to buy shaving stick or anything, I went to Area Fada, this for me was not sustainable even though Fada was not complaining.

I had to move on, because I needed a space to do business and explore my craft and Abuja didn’t seem to me like a place favorable for a person like me to go commercial.

So I left Abuja but was always in talks with Area Fada.

What I know about Deji and Area Fada’s disagreements.

When the movement adopted Deji Adeyanju, I got a lot of comments from my friends especially in Ekiti, I remember how Sarumi would jokingly say; Shey Deji ni emba shey struggle ti inu yin ndu(You are partnering with Deji in struggle and you are excited),
Wale(Icon Gold), would always maintain that Deji is no activist but a politically active youth that has pitched his tent with the umbrella party.

I had no cause to doubt Deji’s sincerity of purpose because he didn’t seem to me like any of that.

The man Charly Boy will never hide anything from all the people he works with, the man boy is an open book and the most humble celebrity I know. I remember how Fani Kayode reached out to us during the #ResumeOrResign protest, we discussed the matter and together we agreed to avoid Fani, there was a time someone even advised we met Saraki, unanimously we agreed to avoid these politicians.

The people that gave support to the movement were known friends of Area Father who were not politically motivated and we all knew how much came in and how it was or will be spent, even though the money was most times insufficient, I told myself that money was not the motivation, eventually some of Fada’s friends pulled out their support because they disliked Deji, but Fada however went ahead to adopt the politician, who’s now a self acclaimed activist, involved in this conspiracy to smear Fadas integrity. Maybe this is where consistency meets inconsistency.

I still remember how we planned some actions and had to cancel because Father was broke.

It’s harder now for me to believe this attack on Area Father is not politically motivated, knowing Deji’s sympathy for the PDP, as a PDP poster boy. Please I am posting the two songs so you can make your own conclusion. Fada hated APC and PDP with passion. Just wondering why no one saw the unbiased attack on the two leading political parties.

The man sang two songs ‘Buhari pack and Go’
& Another Guyman Atiku, why is no one talking about the former?

On the video matter, Area Fada told me he was given 4million as a payoff for his intellectual property ( atiku’s video) He told Festus that if he uses his work without his permission he would sue since Festus has already indicated interest. Tomorrow I will reveal the connection between Fada, Festus and Deji, it goes way back no be today. I was aware of all that is playing out today in January, it didn’t bother me, especially because I knew the man had a right to his private life and his choice friends was not my headache.

If Deji was not in prison during the election era, I’m sure he would have known about Festus Keyamo’s visit and the aftermath, I sabi say Father no dey secretive. I can tell you that for free.

Every other action that got support, Deji was in the know and if not that Fada told me some of those things, no one cried foul.

The actions Deji later participated in with the movement(OMDD)was it self financed?
What makes this one any different?

It’s however sad how partisanship has successfully masqueraded itself into our struggle, it has indeed been diluted. But I believe as usual Fada will bounce right back. Believe me, he is a fighter.

The information I have on the struggle, I got it because I kept in touch with Area Fada, the man would tell it to anyone that cares to listen, his number is everywhere, I can give you to confirm, 08033076993. Am sure he wouldn’t mind if u call as long as u sound intelligent the first 5sec.

As for the 9 figures matter, Area Father told me he only said that for the hype and maybe to upset the conspirators. He said he was given 4 million naira was paid by Festus to allow him use the video, “Another Guy man”

This is the bit I know.

My Mumu Don Do.

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