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Another MileStone for Professor Ikonne

Scholars of sociology has defined tradition as a cultural continuity, transmitted in form of social attitude, belief, principles and convention of behaviors, deriving from past experience and helping to shape the present.

It is a convention established by constant practice, a belief legend, based on oral report usually accepted as historically correct.

Since assumption of office as the Seventh Substantive Vice-Chancellor of Abia State University, Professor Ikonne has not heeding his determination to ensure total development and transformation of Abia State University particularly the research and learning sector. Research has remained one of the policy trust of his administration as a thorough breed and research driven academic with enviable pedigree.

It is on record that Professor Ikonne is the first Vice-Chancellor in the history of Abia State University to introduce the Eminent persons lecture series, aimed at promoting and preservation of the rich cultural heritage of Igbo land, among others. It is also on record that Abia State University under the watch of Prfessor Ikonne has secured approval and funding of Thirty-eight (38) research topics by Tertiary Education Trust Fund(TETFund),amounting to Over Fifty(50) million naira, the highest by any university in the country.

The Vice-Chancellor’s initiative to introduce a unified Cultural Festival ; Enhancement of Staff and Students welfare and the introduction of automated E-administration are worthy of commendation.

At this juncture, Abia State Government must be commended for its funding of the University within the limits of available resources, though a lot needs to be done.

On Wednesday 23, November 2016, the University will roll of its drum to celebrate the Maiden edition of its Igbo Cultural festival.

The week-long activates which has featured Debates in Igbo Language, has a public lecture to be delivered by Professor Innocent Nwadike of the Department of Linguistics & Nigerian Languages, University of Nigeria Nsuka with the theme: Odi n’ihu asusu na omenala Igbo.

The event will also feature: Fashion and Cooking Competitions in Igbo; Traditional Wrestling Competition; Traditional Dances and Music and a Final Round of Debate (ndi Igbo bu okanmanama).

The Maiden edition of Absu Igbo Cultural festival is unique as it is the first of its kind since the inception of the University.

Therefore, members of the academia, friends and all lovers of Igbo Culture, alumnae and alumni of Abia State University are warmly invited to the epoch making event as it promise to be memorable.

 Comr. Ahamefula Israel

Senior Advocate of Nigeria Students

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