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Another Warning To Ishaq Akintola From Christian Group


It is no more news that Prof Ishaq Akintola of the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC has turned himself to mere slave of the Northerners.

But we want to sound another warning to him that in his desperation to please his slave masters he should leave Chief Femi Fani-Kayode alone or he will get what exactly he is looking for.

It takes the empty barrel called Akintola to respond to FFK on behalf of the Sultan, alleging that, “Fani-Kayode’s article was full of the most odious and insidious anti-North…”

If that good for nothing slave of Sultan who surely must be another bastard want us to teach him history, we will teach him that Islam came to the Western part of Nigeria through the Turkish about 400 years before it entered north through Futa Jalon.

And the Northerners have turned to claim to be the authentic Muslims, imposing inferiority complex on Muslims from the West and Ishaq who claims to be a professor is just so inferior to himself that he has become slave and mere tool in the hands of the Northerners.

May we remind Akintola again that his father was an armed robber and a ritualist who used to smuggle Indian Hemp for a living.

His mother was the moat notorious witch and sorceress in Ife. No wonder they gave birth to an ugly beast and filthy dog like Ishaq.

He is not a Muslim: he is a slave.

Let it be on record that we, don’t care about any Muslim including Atiku.

But we hold Chief FFK in high esteem because he has been the lone voice crying in the wilderness for the Christians and we will not sit and watch one vagabond attacking him.

We are set to protect Christians.

He is begging for a religious war and he will be consumed by it.

Enough is enough! We will give you and your associates fire-for-fire and blow-for-blow from now on, if you don’t remove your focus from Chief FFK.

And we hereby warn that NOTHING MUST HAPPEN TO FFK! If you people don’t want peace in Nigeria, we will serve you in your own coin.


Iniobong Akpan

National Public Relation Officer, Christian Phalange of Nigeria (CPN)

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