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Anti-Abortion/Pro-Life Protest Rocks Nairobi, Kenya

Protesters condemns attack on billboards

Anti-abortion/pro-life protesters, including Civil Society Organisations [CSOs], Non-Governmental Organisations [NGOs], as well as motivated individuals, marched the streets of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

It started with  a call for removal of pro-life billboards by a handful of pro-abortion activists.

After that , the woman representative of Nairobi, Hon. Esther Passaris ordered for removal of the billboards without a proper notice to her clients, the Sozo Church.

Her company actually removed all billboards with pro-life messages  without involving the clients.

Upon complaints by Sozo Church of God and supporters CitizenGo, an NGO, she mobilized pro-abortions to attack complainants on twitter .

So far 5595 people have signed the petition in support of the billboard.

On Saturday , pro-life people gathered at Uhuru Park to stand with the Sozo Church of God in defending their pro-life billboards as well as  pre-born babies and women who are hurt by abortions.

See video clip of the protests HERE.

Speakers included Rt. Rev. Alfred Rotich [below] from the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops who reiterated the Catholic Church’s pro-life stance and the need for everyone to defend , promote and protect the sanctity of human life from conception till natural death.

Bishop Rotich lauded the pro-life movement for their continued resilience and condemned the attack on the billboards.

Other present speakers included Rev. Kathy Oganga of Sozo Church, Ann Kioko of CitizenGO, Dr. Wahome Ngare from Kenya Christian Professionals Forum, Bishop Chelule from Deliverance Churches in Kenya, Vincent Mokua from University of Nairobi and many more who joined in condemning the attempt to silence pro-life people in Kenya.

Rev. Kathy Oganga of Sozo Church led protests to the Afya Center abortion clinic and at Marie Stopes ICEA building.

Dr. Wahome Ngare of Kenya Christian Professionals Forum condemned those doctors who keep flouting their Hippocratic oath to offer abortions on demand .

Ann Kioko [below] asked the pro-life movement in Kenya to remain “strong and united”, she condemned leaders in government who are  “misusing their authority to intimidate pro-life people in Kenya”.

Further, she encouraged pro-life groups in Kenya to “make use of the CitizenGo petition platform which will continue standing with them”.

The protests had participation from many Christian denominations.

For more photos on the protest, please follow this link here:

Photos of Nairobi Protests

The protesters expressed gratitude to ElombahNews ‘for support, availability and prayers as they defended the billboards , pre-born and women through this campaign’.

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