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Anti graft summit: We have not relented in our determination to fight corruption – Buhari

Fight Against Corruption

In a one day visit to declare an anti corruption summit open in Yola, Adamawa state capital, President Muhammadu Buhari says his administration is not relent in fighting corruption.

While declaring the summit open Buhari maintain that his promise to tackle the twin problems of pervasive institution, corruption and insecurity which his administration observed to be enormous challenge confronting the country when he took office has been kept.

“ You may recall on the 29th of May 2015 when I said that we are said that we are faced with enormous challenges in this country with the problem of insecurity, institutional pervasive corruption being key,and that my confidence remains high that together we will take the problems head on.”

The President, who meet with Traditional rulers and commissioned some roads constructed by the Adamawa State Governor, Mohammed Jibrilla while in the state, also noted that the administration was not/tackling the challenge of corruption in isolation of the states.

“We are fixing our problems together, even though under our systems the federal Government cannit directly interfere in the details and operations of states. But to see that gross corruption at the local level is being checked in a transparent manner is a thing of satisfaction and joy for me. We will try to ensure that there’s more responsible and accountable government at all levels of government in this country,” he said.

In his earlier submission the Chairman of the summit,Ahmed Joda said Nigerians needed President Buhari beyond 2019 because the battle to defeat the corruption which the administration is known for still remains. He said, “ We must support the President in his determination to defeat corruption. The Nigerian People need him as the battle remain.”

Governor Jibrilla on his part observed that those opposed to the.President Muhammadu Buhari standing for re-election are jittery about his anti corruption crusade.

The State government said since 1999 over N954 billion which accrued to the state has not been properly channeled into the development of the state because of corruption.

Umar Bindir, Secretary to the Adamawa State Government in his presentation on “Tackling corruption through Accountability and Transparency: The Adamawa State’s way” said nearly 100% of the contracts awarded by previous administration did not complied with due process, a development he said was responsible for the corrupt diversion of funds which could have gone into development of the state.

By Tom Garba, Yola

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