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APC & Buhari Do Not deserve and Will Not be Re-elected In 2019 ~ By Ben Aduba


This essay makes three assumptions:

  • That there will be a free and fair election in 2019
  • That Nigerians know what is good for them and will cast their votes accordingly
  • That the announced results would be a fair reporting of the actual results of the ballot.

If any of the assumptions does not come true; the conclusions will not be true.

There are three main reasons why APC and PMB do not deserve to be re-elected and would therefore not be re-elected.

  1. Unfulfilled promises
  2. The country is divided
  3. General incompetence

Unfulfilled Promises: APC and PMB were elected because they promised the following:

–      Will wipe out corruption

–      Will improve security (read get rid of Boko Haram)

–      Will improve the economy

–      ETC.

None of the items on the bullets above has come to pass. Corruption has become grand corruption. We now have missing budgets, budget padding and lies. We have been told by agents of government of huge amounts being recovered.

But nobody has a list of amounts recovered; from whom they were recovered or the culprits serving jail terms. We do have finger pointing such as the courts are slow; defense attorneys are helping looters; etc. Reasons but no results.

The security situation is much worse than it was in 2015 and beyond. Boko Haram can now attack army barracks, kill Nigerian soldiers and their leaders in their barracks and get away with it.  Nigerian nationals, refugees in Cameroon, Niger, Chad and other places are increasing in numbers.

The number of the internally displaced citizens leaving in refugee camps is doubling and nobody is going home. Once more we hear that BH has been defeated (sometimes it is called technically) but no evidence to show any improvement.

The economy has taken a down turn: unemployment numbers are way up; prices of goods and services are well up; real income is way down; the stock market is shading billions of naira every day; the quality of education is downhill; foreign investments have virtually disappeared; exchange rates for the naira has never been this bad; etc. There is no economic indicator that is pleasing

The Country is Divided: PMB and APC were elected by an overwhelming population of Nigerians. Except for the SE zone one could say there was no dissenting voices heard. But today, the divide between segments of Nigerians have been deepened or created where there was none before.

I never had of the division between Shiites and Sunnis. Each worshiped freely according to its beliefs. Buhari Administration and armed forces makes it their responsibility to wipe out the Shiites. Most of their leadership are in jail for unknown reasons.

Farmers and herders are at daggers drawn, each swearing that the other ought not exist. Herders have the upper hand because they are protected by the APC government. Christians and Muslims kill each other in large numbers.

A Sunday worship is a dreadful event. Churches and mosques are no longer holy places of worship as vandals enter and kill at will. There are no terrorists in jail or under trial.

They kill priests and imams and prayer leaders and nothing of consequence follows except for vague promises that they will be apprehended and punished.

General incompetence: As mentioned earlier APC and Mr. Buhari were elected with overwhelming majorities in the House and senate. They had control of 28 of 36 states.

Today the senate president and House Speaker are from a different party and APC is in the minority; they control 20 of 36 states and going down in several more. Except for SW and NE, APC does not have solid following in other zones.

How come that the darling party of Nigerians have become the peoples’ enemy? They bungled         everything they touched. PMB started by appointing only ethnic Fulani’s to strategic positions in government and governors like Okorocha followed suit.

Take a look at the primary election conducted by the party. Almost half of the APC states are in court. APC via Mr. Oshiomhole, the Party leader, would not allow presidential aspirants to compete and so PMB was re-elected “without opposition.” Nigerian did not listen to Mr. SKC Ogbonnia who said that Mr. Oshiomhole does not have the qualities demanded of a party leader.

With an incompetent (President Trump prefers “lifeless”) president and a clueless party leader, APC – a party founded by conspirators and traitors – is floundering and is mired in conspiracies of a different kind.

Until it finds its place and gets its acts together, it should sit on the sidelines and watch the nation go forward.

Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba, Boston, Massachusetts

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