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APC, Change and the hope of Bauchi State citizens


Bauchi people complain about hunger, anger & hopelessness allegedly brought by Gov Abubakar’s administration

Leadership is about doing the right thing, even if it means going against a vast number of naysayers and mediocre people – Narayana Murthy

In near past, in Bauchi State the conversation on the media, texts, WhatsApp, Facebook and at every twist and turn, is about the alleged failure of Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar to deliver the change he was voted for. 

People complained about hunger, anger and hopelessness allegedly brought by GMA’s administration. Even the global economic meltdown some associated it with Governor M.A Abubakar. 

But recently, when the Governor ordered the payment of all outstanding salaries and arrears, the state turned into jubilation. 

I was indeed surprised that recession has forced my people celebrate receiving their entitlements which I thought is their right not a privilege.

As a social commentator, I often wonder why the people of Bauchi State did not commend Governor MA Abubakar before. 

Didn’t he achieve anything? Are they not aware of what the democratic change is? Or they are driven by personal interests?

I therefore feel obliged to look at the APCs Change and what is actually happening in Bauchi State.

Change, according to Oxford dictionary Sixth Edition, is “the fact of the situation, or a place or an experience being different from what is usual and therefore likely to be interesting, enjoyable etc”.

For Democracy to be stable and meaningful, must be anchored on the principle that government derives its powers from the consent of the governed. 

This means that the exercise of political authority is rooted in the rule of law. This is ideal of the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress (APC). 

APC believes in the doctrine of social contract between the leaders and the led; which means that the public office holder is a trustee of the people and that powers must be used in the interest of public rather than the personal interest of the office holder. 

The mission of APC is to construct and institute a progressive state anchored on social democracy, where the welfare of citizenry is paramount. 

As progressive party, APC believe that Nigeria is greater than any individual or the sun of her Federating Units, therefore the country can only succeed when all of us have equal rights; where no one is above the law, where the culture of impunity is abolished and where there is the level of playing field.

Is Governor Abubakar achieving the change he promised?

For every observer to analyse the achievements of an administration, two factors must be considered which are: the condition found in the institution and the resources managed at that given period.

On assumption of office on May 29, 2015, Governor Muhammad Abdullahi Abubakar met a state with vital infrastructure such as roads, power, water etc in comatose state, while key sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, education and transportation were floundering. 

It was against this background Governor Muhammad Abubakar unveiled his readiness to bring new measures which he hoped would put back the state on track. 

Despite the poor state he met, Governor Abubakar also inherited an empty treasury, a situation forced the governor to plead with the people of the state to be patient as the transformation would be slow. He said “For us to be able to correct this ugly situation, it will take a lot of time.

“Therefore it is not going to be magical. I am urging the good people of Bauchi State to understand with us. 

“I am not saying we are shying away from the challenge before us. 

“I am assuring that we are equal to the task and we will do everything to bring the state out of financial quagmire”.

In recent weeks and months, allegations were routinely made in political circles and the social media that Governor Abubakar achieved nothing in his Nineteen months in office. 

But now these critics were silenced and the masses celebrating undeserved achievement.

That is where many Bauchi state citizens have doubts. 

Of course social commentators are not being fair to Governor Muhammad Abubakar because no one gives him credit for the smashing successes of the administration, notably in the areas of infrastructure such as roads and water resources.

In the anti-corruption campaign that has at least brought mega treasury looting to a halt, settling the outstanding salaries inherited from the past administration and many other achievements of governor even a little, a deed that must have involved very courageous intellectual groundwork. 

However, there are many actions, inactions and decisions of Governor M.A Abubakar that at this point have controversial utility and those are precisely the areas that he was supposed to be blamed.

Few of them are, empty promises about salary, dismantling the newly created district heads appointed by governor Yuguda without genuine reason, allowing too much travels in the governor’s schedule, taking decisions that enabled some sets of the citizens to allege marginalisation and extrajudicial actions against the critics.

My advice to social commentators, our state is not in need of unproductive debates and baseless allegations that have nothing to do with the development of our state. 

To his Excellency, the Governor of Bauchi State, let me remind you: You were voted against other contestants, and you or your party will contest against other candidates come 2019. 

God only knows what will happen.

To my compatriots, especially civil servants; your salary is a right not a privilege, stop celebration…

By Mukhtar Muhammad Mk



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