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APC Government Should Take Us Back To Where We Were – PDP Chairman Begs

The Adamawa state Chairman of People’s Democracy Party (PDP), Hon. Abdulraman Bobboi begs the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to take Nigerians back to the previous style of life during the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Bobboi accused the present administration of total failure in many aspect of life, adjudging that the present administration is having nothing to show case, other than hardship and pains, to all citizens of the country.

According to him  life was  better during the PDP government, as every Nigerian can afford three square meal, than what is obtainable now.

“I beg President Buhari to take us back to where we were, at that time  a bag of rice was N7,000 Naira as against N21,000 Naira, a litre of petrol was N87 now it is double the amount, before you get a litre of the product and this is  a country that claims to produce the said product.

“Virtually everything in the market now is three times costly than when PDP were controlling the economy.

“Nigerians should beg the APC government to take away the untold hardship they meted  on everyone in the country “. Bobboi said

He added that it is pointless for close to two years of APC in government, they are still shifting blames to the regime of Goodluck Jonathan, asserting that they have woefully failed to fulfil their campaign promises and  do  the needful.

He advice the present government to have a workable economy team and employ palliative measures to serious caution the effects of the economy recession that is biting hard on every individual in the country.

Bobboi said this at the party secretariat in Yola during the issuance of certificates of Local government party officials in the state, Where he refuted, that there is no any faction of the party in the state, other than the Bobboi led leadership.

One of the loyalist of Chief Joel Madaki faction who plead for his name not to be mentioned said the Bobboi faction is nothing than a group of disloyal party members who were since been suspended.


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