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APC, leash Oshiomhole, stop disrespecting judiciary; stop heating up Niger Delta

Supreme Court judgement on Bayelsa State election of November 2019

Duoye Diri and David Lyon are both sons of Bayelsa and Ijaw Nation. Either one has a right to govern Bayelsa State. All Ijaw sons and daughters not minding state of original are committed to love, protect and honor Bayelsa State. Bayelsa State, Ijaw Nation, and Niger Delta are not for sale to any person or people for any reason. 2020 is not 1914.

Since the creation of Bayelsa State out of old Rivers State Bayelsa has survived a lot of political and greedy manipulations such as the arrest, k-legged impeachment, arrest, and jailing of the late, much loved and missed Governor-General of Ijaw Nation DSP Alamieyeshiya. Bayelsa, Ijaw nation and indeed Niger Delta have survived and will continue to survive.

Just as the result of the November 2019 governorship election of Bayelsa did not favor everyone’s hopes and expectations the Supreme Court judgment of 13th of Feb 2020 on the governorship elections of Nov 2019 will not favor everyone yet that is not reason enough for strangers to instigate Bayelsans to burn Bayelsa and kill Bayelsans.

In the past 5 years, the leadership of APC has bitterly regretted that it won no Niger Delta oil-producing states, and has threatened to take oil-producing states by any and all means available.

We the people of Rivers State and the government of Gov. Wike in the past 5 years have endured the wrath of persons who believe they must take over Rivers State, we are living witnesses to the mindset of politicians of opposition, who are prepared to kill sons and daughters of Rivers state in this hunger to have an oil-producing state.

In 2019 people of Rivers state were brutally murdered in the determination that the APC political party must win Rivers states despite the fact that the APC had no governorship candidate in the 2019 elections.

As a committed daughter of Rivers State, the Niger Delta Region and of Ijaw nation l appeal to my people the Ijaw people of the only Ijaw state to never forget that Bayelsa state is their state and no one else’s state.

The burning and destroying of Bayelsa state and killing of fellow Bayelsans does not achieve anything.

Bayelsa and Ijaw nation need to heal and move forward not backward.

Bayelsa is not at war with herself, instead, greedy strangers have been at war with her, using her people on each side of the political divide.

No man or woman should make Bayelsa about themselves, Bayelsa is about Bayelsans and Ijaw nation.

Bayelsa youths who are ready to die for politicians whose children are in Dubai, United Kingdom, USA, Germany, France, Canada, etc, ask yourselves why can’t the children of politicians come to Bayelsa and burn tires for politics and get killed for the political interests of their parents?

The statement of Adams Oshiomhole though highly offensive is not surprising, as he is doing worst in his own state, eventually, even his people of his state will stop him from destroying their beloved state. It does not matter whom you know or how powerful you think you are, your powers do not give you political or decision making powers over Bayelsa, Ijaw nation and Niger Delta.

Adams has no powers to declare the ruling of the Supreme Court judgment noneffective. The collaboration of some Niger Delta people with strangers to lead from the front in the desire to destroy the Niger Delta Region and kill Niger Delta people as attempted in Rivers State in 2015 and 2019 will be resisted and will continue to fail.

As an Ijaw, Rivers State and Niger Delta indigene l caution Adams Oshiomhole that he has no rights in the elections in Bayelsa or any other Niger Delta State except his own Edo State.

The people of Bayelsa and Ijaw people will move forward, and will not allow strangers such as Adams and his masters to destroy Bayelsa state, Ijaw nation or Niger Delta.

To the people of Bayelsa and Ijaw nation, l say once again no stranger will determine our future, we are no longer in the colonial days, this is the time to join hands, accept our mistakes and move forward to create and start building a state and nation in Bayelsa.

Bayelsa needs calm as INEC start getting its act together and comply with the judgment of the Supreme Court of 13th Feb 2020.

If any damages, destructions, and loss of lives occur in Bayelsa the Chairman of APC Adams Oshiomhole and his political party should and must be held responsible.




Annkio Briggs, Daughter and Servant Of Niger Delta.
Annkio Briggs writes from Port Harcourt the capital of Rivers State. She is a well known Rights Advocate in Nigeria.

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