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APC: The Glorification of Evil in the Name of Change


In the picture: APC chieftans

*APC = Association of Past Criminals

They say they want a change from the present, so they want to try APC because PDP has ruled us for 16 years, yet the PDP that destroyed Nigeria was made of General Olusegun Obasanjo {Now APC}, Atiku Abubakar {Now APC} and the cabals from Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s cabal {Now APC}.

Who is fooling who? Our prominent change agents with their integrity credentials?

Petroleum Scandal – $2.8 billion {1978} – General Buhari

PTF scandal – N25.7 billion – General Buhari

The Halliburton scandal – $185 million – Obasanjo/Atiku

The National ID card scandal – N34 billion – Obasanjo/Atiku

Power Sector scandal – $16 billion – General Obasanjo

Lekki toll gate scandal – N460 billion – Tinubu/Fashola

Lagos landed assert scandal – N750 billion – Bola Tinubu

Port Harcourt monorail scandal – N50 billion – Rotimi Ameachi

They say they want to fight corruption because Goodluck Jonathan is corrupt. Let’s review the facts.

1. Stella Oduah was asked to resign because the NCAA {An agency under her Ministry} bought a bullet Proof vehicle for $1.5m for official use in Goodluck Jonathan’s government. {Same Vehicle Babatunde Fashola purchased; 3 of them for himself and Bola Tinubu for a higher amount}.

2. Because Jonathan exposed the Oil-Subsidy fraud in his administration. A fraud that was ongoing since 2003 during Obasanjo’s government.

3. Because President Jonathan’s Government exposed the Pension scam of about N24 billion that was ongoing from 2006.

4. Because the aggrieved CBN governor Lamido Sanusi misunderstood how funds were remitted to the different federation accounts. After a forensic audit, no money was found to have been missing.

5. Because Charles Soludo, the displaced CBN governor in his inferiority complex, tried to fight against the present Minister of Finance, claimed that N3 trillion is missing under her watch. 

Yet total generated revenue in Nigeria for the past 5 years plus our Foreign Reserve is equals to N24.7trillion. How could you miss what you never had even when re-current expenditures was never suspended? 

Where did the Federal Government get money to sustain its recurrent and capital expenditures that we can all see?

6. Because 56,000 Federal ghost workers that existed since 2003 have been terminated even when General Obasanjo sent President Jonathan a text message to allow the 56,000 ghost workers to remain in status-quo. We know who had the 56,000 ghost workers.

Tell me what other corruption scandal that I must have missed and why we need thieves as agents of change? 

Remember, Nigeria has moved from 2nd most corrupt nation in the world in 2010 to 37th with President Goodluck Jonathan.

For those that are asking for change, read the handwriting on the wall.

Ibrahim Bunu

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