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APC to PDP: “We have no interest in your rigging throne.”

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State has lashed out at the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for alleging that APC was hatching a plot to rig the elections in Edo State through APC chieftain in Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, adding that Edo did not need a second-hand faulty governor like PDP’s Mr Godwin Obaseki.

This was in a statement by the Chairman of the APC Media Campaign Council, Mr. John Mayaki, who stated that Chris Osa Nehikhare, PDP spokesman, may have been disoriented when he “fabricated” the story.

He said, “The PDP are renowned countrywide for their matchless fabrications. They are masters of falsehood, but whenever Nehikhare gets excited and tries to fabricate one, he overdoes it. It is glaring that the man did not know what he was saying. He should meet Chief Dan Orbih, his mentor, to teach him the art.”

Mayaki explained further that, “Edo people know that APC has no interest in dishonest politics. What do we stand to gain from buying votes that the people have already promised us? Why would Lagos local government councils raise that kind of money for us? Don’t they have anything to do with money in Lagos? If Lagos went about furnishing APC states with that kind of outrageous sum, what will they use to develop themselves? I think their claim is due to our earlier exposure on Obaseki’s order to council chairmen to release the sum of N1.7 million to 18 local government Electoral Officers (EOs)”.

Reacting to the PDP’s claim that Bola Tinubu was masterminding the rigging process, Mayaki said that, “If the man (Nehikhare) had been following the news, he would have noted that the person is lying against is only giving us moral support as a party leader. He is not here in Edo, and he is a man who strongly opposes anti-democratic moves. I don’t know why Nehikhare wants to drag him into the mess that Mr Obaseki has made of Edo politics, but he is insignificant to Tinubu and would likely not get a response from him. Again, don’t forget that this is the same APC National Leader Obaseki visited for endorsement and support for the APC ticket”

Meanwhile, he countered that the PDP “are masters of rigging. Their throne is made of pilfered mandate and the bones of democracy that they have picked clean in Edo. The thugs that they are housing and fattening in Edo state on taxpayers’ monies still irks Edo indigenes. Go around and ask, PDP militants are everywhere. They have spent up to N6.8bn already in trying to rig this election, and that is even the one we know. I’m sure there’s more that we do not know.”

Mayaki, however, advised Edo people not to sell their birthright and votes to the dishonest merchants and tax collectors of PDP, as the APC was coming to right all the wrongs of the past four years. “It is because we want the best for Edo state that we allowed him to go. He simply is not good for the state, but PDP was happy to take a person we rejected because Edo State cannot be governed by a London-used governor with faults. Edo needs a brand new governor and that is Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

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