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APC to Wike: Only God, not you, will send Buhari to his ancestors


Nyesom Wike

The Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, said its attention has been drawn to the comments by Gov. Nyesom Wike during a political campaign yesterday where he said: “Let them go and bring that man in Abuja [President Muhammadu Buhari], I will send him to his ancestors with only few punches. Amaechi and me [sic] are from Ikwerre, one day I meet him in the alley or corner of the street, I will cause him to somersault several times before he lands on the ground…”

This statement according to the APC is an indication of the highest level of lunacy for a man who killed his way to power adding, that ‘the APC condemns it without reservations. However, we are not surprised that such a statement is coming from a badly brought up serial murderer who managed to climb on dead bodies into office as governor.”

The APC informed Nyesom Wike that if he ever abandons the shady life of a secret cult member and embraces Christ, he will understand that the only entity that has the power to keep President Muhammadu Buhari alive or call him home [God forbid] is the Almighty God Himself alone.

 The party disclosed that with a few days to the March 19 rerun elections, frustration has driven Nyesom Wike and his band of buccaneers to resort to unbelievable falsehood and evil propaganda saying, when they are not fabricating stories suggesting that Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s security assaulted security agents on the orders of the Minister, they are selling the false stories about the Minister ending his radio programme abruptly in a fit of anger.

The statement reads: “Luckily, attached herewith is the photo of the Love FM presenter with the Hon. Minister taken after the programme ended very cordially as against the lies put on the Internet by Wike’s childish propagandists. Now, how do you expect this humble and Christian Love FM presenter to view Nyesom Wike and his PDP henceforth?

“The APC knows that falsehood may endure for a while but truth will always prevail. This should be another lesson of life for Nyesom Wike and his motley crowd of bandits.

 “The APC no doubt will win the forthcoming rerun elections because we are in control of the grassroots and good people of Rivers State. Thunder does not strike in the same place twice. We will not win by doing the despicable things Wike and the PDP did in 2015 but by being given a level playing field and adequate security by the Federal Government. In any case, we note that it had to take a reminder from the Distinguished Senator Magnus Ngei Abe for Nyesom Wike to realise that whatever his [Wike’s] mother told him, our own mothers told us as well.”

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