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APC Youths slam Alaibe, say he’s desperate for power

Sylva vs alaibe*Timi Alaibe is not desperate for power, loyalists fire back*

The APC Youth Vanguard in Bayelsa State sympathetic to ex-governor Timipre Sylva [pictured above with Timi Alaibe] has reflected to the botched governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress and concluded that its governorship aspirant, Timi Alaibe, is too desperate for power. 

According to them, since the former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission wants to reap from where he did not sow, he has become a liability to the APC in the state.

Their claims were contained in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Hon. Loveday Asangba, and made available to journalists on Friday night in Yenagoa.

They said that the circumstances surrounding the cancelled governorship primary last Tuesday were avoidable except for Alaibe’s desperation for power.

Asangba added that his repeated failures in quest for the governorship in the state were an indication that the people were against him.

“Even now the situation has not changed. Alaibe’s governorship ambition is no longer feasible because the odds are not in his favour because the people are against him”, the statement declared.

The APC Youths Vanguard described Alaibe as a “failed serial governorship hopeful”, adding that “Bayelsans are now tired and weary of his constant governorship quest”.

The statement claimed that there was no way Alaibe could win in a primary election against Sylva in Bayelsa State , adding that for this he has resorted to buying his way because he was not on the ground.

Asangba said, “Timi Alaibe knows that even if they hold the primary 100 times, Sylva will still win. That’s because he is not on the ground. He is banking on buying his way as usual. Sylva is far more on the ground and we think we should ask: where was Alaibe when Sylva was building the party at a time Alaibe was feeding fat from the PDP government?

“Of a truth, our people are tired of seeing the face of Timi Alaibe and this is understandable. He contested against DSP Alamieyeseigha in 2003, contested against Goodluck Jonathan in 2007, contested against Sylva in 2011 but later withdrew to contest under Labour Party and lost. Now again in 2015, he wants to contest against Dickson in 2015. He holds the highest record of a failed gubernatorial aspirant in Nigeria. But when you look at his record at the NNDC, you’ll realise his aspiration can never serve any good purpose for our people and Bayelsa State”. 

The group criticized Alaibe as lacking in depth to tackle the challenges confronting the state, saying if his record as the managing director of the NNDC was anything to go by then the aspirant would be a disaster as governor.

“Unknown to many people, Timi Alaibe lacks depth. As such he has nothing to offer and that was why his tenure at NNDC was a total disaster and this will be repeated as governor. He cannot match Timipre Sylva in anyway. He likes to reap where he did not sow. 

“He is a schemer and everyone knows he has a record of a schemer and specialises in high level mischief and treachery, just like Absalom in the Bible, the third son of David, King of Israel. It was said of Absalom, in his desperation to become King. Even at the expense of the life of his beloved father, Absalom would get up early and stand by the side of the road leading to the city gate. 

“Whenever anyone came with a complaint to be placed before King David, for a decision, he would stop them to listen to their complaint and would answer them by saying: “Look, your claims are valid and proper, but there is no representative of the king to hear you.” 

“And Absalom would add, “If only I were appointed judge in the land! Then everyone who has a complaint or case could come to me and I would see that they receive justice.”

“Remarkably, this sort of classic act of treachery as exhibited by Absalom against his own father, according to the spokesman of APC Youth Vanguard, is what Alaibe is well known for.

“He used it to edge out Chief Onyema Ugochukwu, the first Chairman of the agency. Godwin Omene, the organisation’s first managing director was also edged out of the system in this same treacherous manner.

“The former managing director of the NDDC, Chief Emmanuel Aguarivwado also fell victim to this same treachery. Ask anybody in NNDC, they will confirm this fact. Unfortunately for him, he holds the worst record of service as NDDC MD. He has been linked with massive looting of NDDC funds. We challenge him to point to one project he brought to Bayelsa State as NDDC MD. Alaibe should accept his fate as serial failure and even now the odds are against him”.    

Alaibe Not Desperate For Power, Say Loyalists

In a reprisal attack, loyalists to Timi Alaibe has risen in defence of their man, Timi Alaibe, saying he is not desperate for power but running to serve the people of Bayelsa State.

This came from a political organisation, Good Governance for Change Initiative, on Saturday rose in defence of All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant.

This is coming barely 24 hours after a group sympathetic to ex-Governor Timipre Sylva, APC Youth Vanguard, had said Alaibe was so desperate for power.

But the Organising Secretary of GGCI, Mr. Friday Dressman, in a statement reacting to the claims by APC Youth Vanguard, said contrary to insinuations, it was Sylva who had showed desperation for the job of governor as his conduct indicated during the recent botched governorship primary of the party.

Dressman said despite all that were said about Alaibe, he remained unruffled, adding that it was all designed to frustrate him out of the race.

The body took a swipe at Sylva, describing him as a “blood thirsty politician whose politics is founded on thuggery, violence and brigandage”.

Dressman reiterated the concern of the group that the politics of the state was descending to name-calling and called for restraint by focusing on the issues of the election.

He, however, clarified that the events of last Tuesday during the primary election were triggered by Sylva’s “inordinate ambition”, saying they could have been avoided had the former governor played by the rule rather than “obsessive inclination to seize power” in what he also referred to as “do or die politics”.

Dressman said, ”We took exception to the various insinuations in the statement of the APC Youth Vanguard which tried in vain to label Chief Timi Alaibe as being desperate for power but we are convinced that the reverse is the case. If they were realistic, it would have dawned on them that contrary to their lazy claims, it is indeed Sylva, their principal, who is desperate for power and our convictions on this are based on his antecedents.

“Sylva, though his record of “service” as a blood thirsty politician has since been rejected by Bayelsans. The events that occurred during the APC primary last Tuesday where Sylva’s thugs and cult boys were on rampage clearly showed the brand of politics of the former governor. To him, politics is a do or die affair. That’s what we can call desperation unlike the civilized and democratic conduct of Alaibe.

“Alaibe is ready and always willing to serve the good people of Bayelsa but not through violence. He is only interested in the issues of development in Bayelsa State. In this state, we know the true practitioners of violence and cultism. Bayelsans cannot forget in a hurry the atrocities committed by Sylva while he was the governor. Many lives were wasted on the streets of Yenagoa in what many knew as state sponsored killings of perceived enemies. So many innocent lives were lost in cross fire of cult gangs or killer squads who regrettably were introduced to drugs.

“Many can still recollect that these boys were used as political thugs to intimidate opponents and if the Youth Vanguard is truthful, it will concede that what played out last Tuesday was a demonstration of a sordid past aided and abetted by Sylva. So rather than see Alaibe as desperate, it is actually the former governor who is desperate for power. Indeed, a man who is openly fighting the national leadership of his party is not fit to be governor. Sylva is not worthy to be fielded as our governorship candidate in this election otherwise APC stands to lose the election.”

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