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APGA And Self Deceit ― By Mazi Chidi Orjika

Save for the platoon  of Media SSAs  & SAs in the  densely populated cabinet of Gov Willie Obiano employed to create a virtual empire of a ‘world class Anambra ‘ and contracted to massage  the obsessive possessive ego of the governor, the Publicity department of APGA as a political party both at the national and state levels are moribund,  in comatose and virtually nonexistent.

In about three years of this current government in Anambra  you can sparingly count their press releases, opinions, proffered solutions,  reactions/actions on both local and national issues of importance.

I stand to be directed to any of the official APGA’s position on any national issue that affects Ndi Igbo, regional issue that concerns Ndi Igbo and or local issues as it pertains to Ndi Anambra.

Yet, based on election logistics, they now claim monopoly of Igbo party and have been harassing Ojukwu’s spirit.

Ok!  Let’s even start from the recent:- 

Nnamdi Kanu is a true Igbo son who has been carrying the cross and enduring the sufferings for Igbo cause, yet a party that claims to be absolutely Igbotic never offered an encouragement, support, condemnation of his incarceration, and unfortunately never even rejoiced at his release.

Today, they have woken up to news of Dr Ifeanyi Ubah’s arrest and are cunningly blaming his ordeal as a function of his membership of APC,  but I ask,

Is Ifeanyi Ubah not a true bona fide nwa  afo Igbo?

As an Igbo party with a supposed ‘ideology’ of “onye aghana nwanne ya”, is APGA with their monopolistic claim of being Igbo party not supposed to fiercely protest and aggressively condemn the incarceration of one his own prosperous sons?

Governor Fayose from the far away Ekiti state who is in an opposition party as APGA to the national party has been vocal, seen, and consistently in touch with the above two examples that are  cited above. 

Yet, someone will wear Abada as Obiano and be shouting APGA bu party ndi Igbo, which Igbo?

My people there are many issues affecting us all due to the structural deficiencies of our country which calls for more objective approach.

But if APGA or any other group must  brand it APC, they must as a matter of necessity live to the fullest expectations of  what they claim to be.

If you claim to be an ethnic party,  you must not relent a second in protecting, fighting and pursuing the cause of your ethnic people.

I have always maintained that one unforgivable sin is for one to consciously and deliberately lie to self, not once, not twice but repeatedly.

Let action speak louder.

Someone should, please, furnish us with the Press statements of APGA on Nnamdi Kanu and Dr, Ifeanyi Ubah ordeals.

Mazi Chidi Orjika 

Ukpor, Anambra state

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