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APGA bangers heralding APC November 6 victory ~ by Ogoo Ugoeze


The tantrums and attacks of Evang Chinedu Obigwe Taliban like terrorism against All Progressives Congress (APC) on account of fear regarding November 6 governorship election of Anambra State is not new.

It has always been the Taliban-like approach of Obigwe and may remain so in a long time.

Little wonder only the gullibles in Anambra State pay attention to him.

His latest tirade is obviously informed by the resurgence of All Progressives Congress (APC) popularity in Anambra State recently.

It is an underlying fear and weakness of the APGA led government of Anambra State to curry and awake emotions in Anambrarians in this dying days of APGA but nay, it is too late in the day to cry when the head is already off.

He is only writing a dirge for his dear APGA, which is still at the crossroads regarding which of its three parallel candidates can face, let alone win APC.

The media team of Senator Andy Uba is already on top of the attacks on his person. However, Chinedu Obigwe must have misled many when he said that APC is non-existent in Anambra State.

A non existent party could not have polled fourteen governorship aspirants for its primary with the highest Grade-A personalities yet it is unknown when the party in question(APGA) can not match that number or spread.

Anambra APC is certainly formidable to have polled the highest number of fresh new entrants and members in its recent revalidation and membership drive that has given the likes of Chinedu Obigwe the fever his party is presently experiencing.

The APC led federal legislature have so far supported reforms within the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which has positively impacted in our improved electoral system, thus giving a platform for a minority party like APGA to have won an election and held onto it till now in Anambra state.

An APGA-led state government that could not practice what it preaches when it is finding holding a simple local government election in the state yet the likes of Chinedu Obigwe can shamelessly use airtime purchased with slush funds from Anambra LG funds, rant aimlessly on Social Media, thinking that Anambrarians are short of historical memories.

APC is true to the provision of its Code of Ethics, which drives, President Buhari’s government regarding free and fair elections.

Certainly APGA is beginning to feel this resolve which promises to make the 2021 governorship election a different ball game, away from 21-21 racket as APC Anambra is fully prepared and ready to engage other political parties, not only on an issue based campaigns but on a free and fair election.

The past experiences of APC in Anambra state not withstanding where APGA will cry wolf of being rigged out while in actual sense they are the real master riggers.

APC remains resolute on its resolve to win the November 6 election and have urged its members to be vigilant, and protect their votes .

Forming a government in Anambra State, for APC is a near-future event which time has come.

Obigwe and his likes in confused APGA are blowing the necessary bangers that will herald APC’s November 6 victory.

Ugoeze is Secretary of Anambra APC Publicity Committee.

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