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APGA condemn Killings of Igbo in Nigeria


APGA THINK TANK CONDEMNED THE KILLING OF THE IGBO UNDER ANY GUISE.  –  President Buhari is not ignorant of the Killing of the Igbos in Nigeria. 

We hope, he may also not be entertaining it. 

He swore an oath to protect the lives of all in Nigeria.

Earlier this year, When an Al Jazeera reporter offered to show the President video pictures of the Nigerian Armed Forces shooting at unarmed Igbo protesters in Aba, Abia State, President Buhari firmly raised his hand at the reporter, saying, “No!”

Since then, more Igbo protesters have been killed, mostly in the South-East Nigeria, while carrying out peaceful protests regarding a determination for Biafra.

Last month, Fulani Herdsmen – from the President’s ethnic group, on the guise of reprisal from an earlier attack, raided an Igbo village in Enugu State, killing 48 residents and maiming many. The President’s response was less than lukewarm.

This week, The Nigerian Army shot and killed Peaceful Igbo Marchers at Nkpor, Anambra State.

Yesterday, An Igbo Lady was beheaded in Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.

The Buhari APC Governments’ inaction to the eminent threat to the lives of Igbo Nigerians indicts them.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, It is our Opinion that the President’s Media adviser – Femi Adesina did not just wake-up to condemn the killing of the Igbo Lady in Kano. Something informed the reluctant response.

Femi Adesina and his principal have demonstrated a disinclination towards understanding the brewing Igbo Tinderbox. They have treated it with hesitation.

At the THINK-TANK we implore them to handle the Igbo issues with serious care. 

The Igbo everywhere are firmly watching.

We, at the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA condemn the Killing and restraining of the Igbo under any guise. 

The Igbo have done nothing wrong, other than peacefully state their opinions, as allowed in the Nigerian democracy. 

That is the democracy. 

From the detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the killing of over 100 IPOB protesters at Onitsha, Asaba, Aba, Port-Harcourt, the detention of countless others who are not being charged to court, anytime soon, the Fulani Herdsmen massacre of 48 Igbo men, women and Children at Ukpabi Nimbo – Enugu state, the Murder of of 15 unarmed Igbo Protest marchers at the River Niger bridge, the recent beheading of an Igbo lady at Kano, We at the APGA THINK-TANK will like to remind the President that IGBOS are not sacrificial lambs. 

The Igbo should refuse to be. No human being or group deserves such sore maltreatment from the apparatus of State they live in.  

Nigeria remains an ethnic contraption of common geography formerly administered by the British.  A refusal to acknowledge the ethnic diversity in Nigeria is simply a blue print for chaos. Somebody forgot to do their NYSC.  At the APGA THINK-TANK NIGERIA, we refuse all forms of ethnic domination, or intimidation in Nigeria by Nigerians to fellow Nigerians. Co-existence, and sensitivity to our different cultural heritages must be the order of the day, and the way of the future. The insensitive status quo, does not bode well for the Nigerian Commonwealth.

President Buhari Himself on October 13, 2000  travelled to Oyo State, on learning that 68 Bororo Fulani herdsmen/kinsmen were said to be massacred there. 

Then Rtd., General Buhari  “…specifically accused Yoruba farmers of carrying out “dastardly acts” with the connivance of the police. He noted that the bodies of the Fulani victims were prevented from being recovered for burial.” The Guardian October 14, 2000. 

Governor Lam Adesina then informed General Buhari that no such act happened.

The President could not sleep because his ethnics were murdered. How does the President think the Igbos feel?, when his kparapo is in full display. 

The President as the Commander-in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces in Nigeria, owes it to the Igbo to make the Igbo feel safe with his administrative pattern in Nigeria. The President cannot order his Armed Forces to shoot peaceful Igbo marchers as he advocated for them to do, and on the other hand entertain his Fulani kinsmen killing the Igbo, living peacefully in Igboland. That is a recipe for disorder. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK NIGERIA, our investigations reveal that the Igbo Trader in Kano does not kill his hosts, neither does he carry out reprisal attacks on fellow Nigerians accommodating him in their ethnic locales at Maidugiri, Jos, Ibadan, Lagos Or Calabar. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, it is our opinion that the President may not act intimidatingly. It can only have a backlash effect. The Igbo cannot be sieged, or feel seiged. 

The President must call a meeting of Igbo leaders and work towards detente. Brazen posturing can only breed very serious underlying resentment, which benefits none in the long run,  and does not endear the President to the Igbo. Truth. It only adds to the alienation.

When asked why he would not invite the Peaceful Igbo marchers for talks by the AL Jazeera reporter, President Buhari asked, “Why?”

But, he would rather order the Nigerian Armed forces to shoot them. 

That action is totally autocratic and undemocratic. 

The Presidents’ current response is Parochial. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK, we would encourage the President to demonstrate the same even concern for the lives of all Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity. Igbos must feel safe in Nigeria. President Buhari swore an oath to protect ALL the citizens of Nigeria, not some. 

A President who cannot guarantee the safety of the lives of the citizens in his domain, should quietly exit the office. The worst corruption is to have  disdain for people’s lives. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK, we condemn that.


Policy Directorate,


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