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APGA Court Order: A Well Orchestrated Attack By PDP


Impostors from the PDP masquerading as APGA members sought and obtained a High Court order to cause disarray within the present APGA National and administrative ranks last Monday May 22, 2014. 

The court judgment couldn’t be more opportune for its architects. If all goes well, the court ordered APGA hierarchy may be responsible for conducting primaries and endorsing Anambra gubernatorial candidates for the November 16, 2017, election. 

Such heady times for any political administration!

Somebody somewhere hopes to replace their imaginary bank account. YES!

An ingenious plan to cripple the APGA and its echelon in Nigeria Politics. 


We learnt our lesson long ago and will resist this bogus attempt at overtaking the APGA party reins and political fortunes. Nigerian political history is infested with political maneuvers just before an election. This is one. 

Unfortunately, The PDP is floundering nationally, and needs a steady, potent grass-roots political outfit to showcase its members. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, We refuse that the APGA be used, or continue to be used for such convenient, short-term political relevance and deceitful experience. The hijacking of APGA structures cannot be tolerated by the APGA faithful. We have come too far to be usurped by anybody, group or groups. 

The APGA endured the PDP merry-go-round with APGA structures during the Peter Obi epoch. Some part of the APGA base referred to same as growing pains. Not anymore. If there is one thing the APGA National Party has demonstrated through the years, it is the permanency in opinion regarding need for policies to improve the average Nigerian’s welfare be reflected in Nigerian Government legislation and gazette. That remains paramount. APGA continues to be guided by that compass.  

Those consistent opinions must have resolute and purposeful representation. It is our opinion that the tacit APGA structure worked hard to establish the present political relevance, independence and credibility, and refuses to be a convenient parley for individuals or groups seeking political relevance.

It is in light of above that we, at the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, condemn the court order May 22, 2017 ordering a change in APGA leadership. APGA may not become a banana republic party. A banana republic APGA reduces our ethos to nothing other than the desperados who only see the party administration as means of excising a huge pound of flesh from prospective and local candidates in the political cadre. A cashier’s till. Chi ching! 

Men who cannot see beyond their selfish advantages, and have been well-known to demonstrate difficulty with our beliefs in contemporary times, may not spearhead our ethos. 

 A review of the political History of the man at the head of current APGA mischievious political effort – Chief Martin Agbaso, is replete with inconsistencies on his political stance, even when the issues are sure, and of advantage to APGA. 

Chief Martin Agbaso, founding member of the Imo State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), crossed over to the APGA to contest the 2007 Imo State Governorship elections. Chief Agbaso won. However, his electoral victory was cancelled by the then Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). His judicial effort to recover the mandate also floundered in the Nigerian courts. In 2011, Chief Agbaso as then APGA leader in imo State,  would enter into a convenient political arrangement with a Rochas Okorocha, installing him as APGA Governorship candidate, with Agbaso’s junior brother – Jude, as the Deputy Governorship Candidate, for the 2011 Imo State Governorship elections. APGA won. Unfortunately, Agbaso’s political arrangement faltered, leading his Junior brother – Jude Agbaso, to be impeached as the Deputy Governor. Such deliberate traversing and political miscalculation. Chief Martin Agbaso would later apologize to the APGA Party and Imo State citizens for foisting an unknown Rochas Okorocha on the APGA party.  In an article, Agbaso “disclosed that he was deceived by Okorocha’s outward appearance as a genuine philanthropist when he paraded his Rochas Foundation College as one of his good deeds.”  

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, it our opinion that political discernment is a virtue, and political miscalculation – deadly.

At the beginning of the 2015 elections, Chief Agbaso was approached by the leaders of the PDP in Imo State, lead by Senator Hope Uzodinma. According to Senator Uzodinma, “…We have been able to reach out to some founding fathers of our (PDP) party who for one reason or another left for other political parties, and we know that Agbaso is one of those, we feel should come back for us to deliver our party. ” Agbaso was impressed with the PDP courtship and later, with 14 APGA Local Government Chairmen in imo State, decamp to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) before the 2015 elections, where he (Agbaso) made clear to the PDP NWC that he “…took 98% of the APGA structure with him”. 

Newspaper reports indicate that Agbaso returned to the PDP in 2014, because his  Emekuku, Owerri townsman, Captain Emmanuel Ihenacho, was vying for the same APGA Governorship ticket, and could not meet his settlement demands. 

This was in the heat of the 2015 gubernatorial elections when the APGA Party and its then Gubernatorial candidate needed the support of all local members. Talk about a sucker punch. 

At his reception ceremony into the PDP late 2014, Agbaso declared the APGA dead in Imo state. The then PDP National Vice-Chairman – Chief Austin Akobundu, announced that the National Working Committee of the (PDP) party had already granted waiver to Agbaso to pursue his political aspiration in whatever way he wants. 

The PDP later lost the 2015 elections in Imo State, and nationally. Chief Martin Agbaso and other PDP stalwarts would march off in a delegation on how to be given soft landing in APC. They claimed it was for South-East integration. At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, Men of unsteady virtue may not return to lead our ethos. 

It is our opinion that Agbaso’s ability to direct the APGA political future is thoroughly suspect given his political history. We may not be reduced to this.

Funnily, within hours of the Court declaration, Martin Agbaso would appoint a Prince Nnanna Ukaegbu as the National Publicity Secretary. Prince Ukaegbu, a former factional APGA Chairman in Abia State, well-known for fomenting internal crisis within the Abia APGA, and had also decamped to the PDP on April 8 2015, endorsing its PDP candidate – Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, for the Abia State Governorship elections three (3) days prior to the State Governorship elections, against the candidate of his own APGA party – Dr. Alex Otti. 

Within Abia State APGA Circles, it is reputed that Prince Ukaegbu’s singular and last-minute betrayal cost Dr. Alex Otti and the APGA, the Governorship of Abia State. Nobody within the Abia State APGA hierarchy forgets that sabotage.

What was rather nauseating was that the same Prince Nnanna Ukaegbu had earlier in late 2014, welcomed Dr. Alex Otti into the APGA party, describing Dr. Otti “… as the biblical David sent by God to rescue Abians from hopelessness and neglect spanning over 15 years.” He would betray same David in no reputable manner, citing him as an ex-PDP member. But Prince Nnanna Ukaegbu would go on to endorse the PDP status quo of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu in Abia State. What irony! Dr. Ikpeazu at the reception was so shocked at the Prince Ukaegbu’s overture, he described it as humbling. 

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, we marvel at such deliberate fickleness, and wonder how much changed hands for such a colossal betrayal. 

Prince Ukaegbu was also fingered as the brains behind an Igbere High Court Order by Justice Ononogbo, on December 8, 2014, which restrained the former National Chairman – Chief Victor Umeh, from parading himself as then National Chairman of the ALL PROGRESSIVES ALLIANCE, NIGERIA. The order was later vacated as it went contrary to sitting judgments from Nigerian superior courts.  

And such Horse-traders will now masquerade as APGA leaders. Only in Nigeria.

Some people in the PDP are laughing their heads off. They could not have drawn a better plan.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, we say NO! It is our opinion that men of such easy virtue, who do not know how to follow, may not suddenly lead. Memories are long, especially in the APGA where such is required to establish our political ethos.  The APGA base never forgets.

Such two-face and individualistic convenience may not direct APGA affairs. 

We however, condemn any lackadaisical APGA administration which simply sits at the top and refuse to address issues which are politically, economically, socially relevant to our APGA electorate. 

The APGA base loyalty to the echelon may not be taken for granted. 

Echelon which are only visual and nominal, disrespect the toil of the few APGA faithful who have worked night and day, and waited this long while to give our Party the required national prominence. Nobody and no administration may rest on their oars after such toil. Whether they know it or not, the pound of flesh extracted from most APGA adherents may not be in vain. Those adherents suffered so that issues as evident political marginalization of sections of political administration, political appointments, States creation, Nigerian population enumeration, resource allocation, among others will be re-dressed.

We ask the necessary and responsible circles to aid fund and equip the APGA Party apparatus as listed in the Party constitution especially, the offices of the National Secretary, National Youth Leader, National Women’s Leader, National Publicity Secretary, National Organizing Secretary, enabling the necessary outreach vital for defending the party’s stance in the polity. 

APGA has worked very hard to establish permanent and reverent national political structure. APGA has also worked to establish a revered leadership and followership base which may be directly traced back to Late Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu. That is no mean feat. 

It is a non-negotiable foundation for the continued APGA growth. 

It is important that the APGA leadership of the day, step up to the plate.

Sgd: Policy Directorate, APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA.

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