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APGA Disciplinary C’tee Probes Extortion Allegations Against Victor Oye


The Disciplinary Committee of APGA set up to investigate the alleged criminal extortion and abuse of office against the sacked national chairman of APGA, Ozo Victor Ike Oye, has begun sitting.

Barr Mic Adams, the acting national chairman of APGA inaugurated the 7-man committee headed by Barr Hamman Buba Ghide.

The committee has 14 days to submit its report.

Below are the terms of condition of the committee:


The Disciplinary Committee is mandated to ensure protection of the party and public interest by establishing and maintaining a framework for dealing with matters referred to it by the APGA NWC pursuant to Article 22 of the APGA Constitution 2014 (As Amended)


The DC is set up to receive complaints, inquire and investigate series of allegations leveled against Mr. Victor Oye which includes but not limited to the following:-

1.) Find out the remote and latent fact of the alleged monetary transaction rumoured all over the places, prior to the primary elections involving Chief Okey Ezeh, Chief Stanley Amuchie, Chief Dr Ikedi Ohakim and any other monetary transactions that may have not come to knowledge of the party and the public.
2.) To find out the truth behind the alleged gift of Toyota land cruiser jeep issue between Mr Victor Oye vs Bar Humphrey Anumodu.
3.) To find out the details of the aborted governorship primary elections in Imo, and the reasons behind the party’s decision to have given the ticket to Chief Senator Ifeanyi Ararume as if it was a case of the highest bidder.
4.) To find out facts surrounding the aborted delegates’ primary elections in IMO, despite that all delegates aspirants went through the eyes of the needle to pay for their forms, and collection of forms, and why their money were not refunded despite the failed contract.
5.) To find out issues surrounding the issuance of double certificate of returns to candidates of Houses of Assembly, House of Reps, & Senate. And to find out the victims of such unfortunate exercises..
6.) To find out the remote, and latent causes of denying the APGA preferred governorship candidate of Enugu state, and given the ticket to the loser of the primary election.
7.) To find out, in details the remote causes and the involvement of Mr Victor Oye in all the vex issues of denying candidates who won the primary elections to some preferred persons in Anambra.
8.) To find out the remote and latent causes of the illegal sacking of most state chairmen in the various states towards the built up of the purported convention of Awka.
9.)To find out the remote reasons of attempt to truncate the constitution of the party, towards the purported dissolution of the BOT, and the resultant subsequent crisis.
10.) To find out the fact surrounding the alleged use of Thugs, Cultist in the National Secretariat, the purported NEC meeting, and the purported Convention of 31st May, 2019. And the degree of involvement of Mr Victor Oye in all these..
11.) To find out the reasons of Mr Victor Oye incessant abuse of rule of law, and the gross disobedient of not obeying court orders. And how many of such court orders he has flaunted…
12) To find out how much money that has accrued to the party since his inception of leadership and his inability to give an account of the party’s fund under his control.
13.) To find out the involvement of all member of the former NWC, who headed, and served in various committee of the entire process of the primary elections, in aiding and abetting these alleged misdemeanors, gross miss conducts, and corrupt practices.


The Disciplinary Committee has the power to:

1) direct it’s secretariat to issue public notice and invitations to all members and every stakeholders of the party to submit memorandum, documents and evidence electronically or otherwise with the view of accomplishing it’s assignment.
2) invite and/or summon any person or body to appear before it for the purpose of taking evidence, inquiring, or finding out the truth or otherwise of any fact or issue in. contention.
3) make physical visit or inspection of any place, material or documents that are relevant to the fact in issue devoid of any technicalities.
4) take any step or action that can be exercised by any quasi-judicial body in the discharge of its mandate.


The responsibilities of the Discipline Committee shall be:

1) to review, analyse and apply all policies, guidelines, rules and regulations as is contained in the APGA Constitution and the Constitution of the FRN with regard to the Disciplinary process;
2) to receive all documents and materials in evidence, review, analyse and make decisions or findings on them
3) To hear all the parties concerned and ensure that the principles of fair hearing are observed as far as practicable.
4) to ensure that the findings of a hearing are made public;
5) to ensure that documents and things put into evidence at a hearing are released to the person who produced them, on request, within a reasonable time after the matter has been finally determined.
6) To submit it’s findings, decision made and action taken or recommendation made to the NWC of APGA.


The Committee shall:

1) meet from time to time on a date and at a designated place to be decided by the members of as shall be suggested and/or provided by Ag. NC of NWC to ensure the proper functioning of the Committee;
2) maintain minutes of its meetings in which shall be recorded all decisions and actions taken by it;
3) report its actions to NWC Ag. NC at each Committeel meeting or more frequently if needed;
4) submit periodic report of its activities to the Ag. NC


The Committee consists of seven (7) members appointed by the Ag. NC and two of them are to serve as Chairman and Secretary respectively.


1) Four members of the Committee present at a hearing constitute a quorum and can validly take proceedings of the committee
2) At the time of making final decision all seven (7) members must pass their final judgement provided that any member of the Committee present can deliver the ruling or decision made by his fellow member absent at the time of delivery of its findings.
3) The judgement of the committee shall be the majority decision.
4) Where there is stalemate in the decision of the committee for instance Three (3 members ) are for and three (3) are against a particular decision, the Chairman has the veto to vote for or against.


The committee shall adopt the most convenient way of carrying out its assignment in accepting complaints, memorandum, documents and evidence which includes. Courier, text messages, social media of different varieties, fax, mobile communication etc.


The Committee shall have fourteen (14) days within which to accomplish its assignment provided that the Ag. NC of the NWC may extend the time if it appears impractical for the Committee to finish the assignment within the scheduled period.

Dated this,..5th day of September,2019

Barr Dr Mic Adams
Ag. national chairman
Note: All Memorandum to be forwarded the e-mail below:
Disciplinary Committee: apgadc@gmail.com

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