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APGA Divided Over The Sun Customer for The Year Award


willie Obiano

The chilled air hovering on the darkened sky is giving me goose pimples . The political “Igba nkea anyi ana” that is prevailing in my state is about to give us a sigh of no relief, but what it will succeed in doing is to create a level playing field in my state .

The Sun Award has come and gone ,so many interesting news flying here and there ,but the most intriguing part is that my Governor sponsored the event 86% ,including Hiring of the Hall at Eko Hotels and Suites , for the first time in Sun Award CHANNELS TV LIVE STREAMING and evacuating half of my state to grace the occasion.

The most affected are the Political appointees whose presence on that occasion were casted in marble or you will get “VALENTINE ULASI TREATMENT” .

Despite the fact that the SUN BEST CUSTOMER FOR YEAR AWARD COST US outside the Sponsorship a whooping sum of 150 Million naira ,yet it was Tinubu who stole the show with pageantry and core solidarity .

I was mad and angry that the man out shined us in our own program ,but on second thought ,his own award was won fair and square and he did not pay for it,it was on merit .

Now that brings me to the CITATION of my own Governor ,the Citation said that my Governor was born in 1957 ,making it that he will be 60 next year .

Well last year we celebrated a 60 Years old birthday for the Governor which the wife refused to attend ,i cannot say if She was protesting the inconsistent of the age or other matters ,but i digress .

The problem is ,if my Governor can be confused about his actual age ,he can be confused about so many other things including the MAN THAT MADE HIM,HOW MUCH CASH HE GOT IN THE STATE COFFERS  .

The situation that  is getting me worried is the development on APGA ,,,during the Award ,the Life Chairman or APGA were every where and the Current puppet Chairman of APGA MR VICTOR OYE was no where to be found ,He simply stayed out from the event .

The question now is ,Mr Oye Victor has he grown enough balls to say enough is enough ?

Is he tired of been handled like a child of unfortunate circumstance ?

Can he demand that Umeh should hand him some of the money he made including from Candidates of Apga and my state Government ? . Will he decide to call APGA primaries to decide who goes to Re Run on Anambra central . Will MR Victor Oye stand up now and take charge of the party and command some respect ?

Why is Mr Oyee absent on such occasion and Victor Umeh was every where taking over the would’ve been the seat of APGA CHAIRMAN .

Another outstanding error that manifested in the CITATION for the SUN CUSTOMER FOR THE YEAR AWARD is the removal of my Governors days at TEXACO . What actually are we not seeing in that Texaco ? What went wrong that it gets to the point where his days at TEXACO where expunged from his CV ?

Is there any hidden secret behind TEXACO or can we come all out and apologise to ndi Anambra for lying to them during the campaign where we said he worked at TEXACO ?

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