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APGA Leaders Accuse Oye Of Living Extravagant Lifestyle

Insist he must resign Allege Oye has choice houses in Nigeria and overseas, including exotic and bullet proof cars. Call for probe of APGA account

A communique issued after the All Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) stakeholders meeting which held on the 9th of May, 2019 in Owerri, Imo State

1) That we welcome the recent announcement by the national working committee(NWC) to hold a national executive committee(NEC) meeting heeding to several calls by various stakeholders that a NEC meeting must hold before the fixture of ward, local government, state congresses and convention going by article 19:4 of the APGA constitution.

2) That we implore all NEC members to attend this meeting as crucial decisions affecting the party will be taken

3) That a level playing field must be given to all intending aspirants for the different positions being contested so as to avoid discrepancies, favouritism and anti-democratic tenets which marred the last primaries conducted during the last general elections.

4) That we frown at the proposed exorbitant price for forms for the ward, local government, state congresses and national convention. This is a ploy to disqualify credible candidates who are not financially well-to-do from contesting

5) That the zoning of national chairman by a few individuals in the NWC to Anambra State is not acceptable and must be jettisoned to avoid crises in the party

6) That the present national chairman’s ploy to perpetuate himself in office through the back door will be stoutly rejected with all legal means

7) That the NEC is hereby advised to schedule the national convention in Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory is central and more accessible to our members from other zones they must know that the party is not a regional party.

8) That we have concrete information that not all members of NEC were invited, as all bot members have not received invitation from the national secretary Mr Labaran Maku.

9) That the membership of NEC is statutorily defined by the APGA constitution and any attempt to fraudulently invite non NEC members will be resisted. We therefore urge the national secretary that as a matter of right, publish the list of NEC members attending the NEC meeting.

10) That judging by the recent clamour from the south/south, south/east, south/west, north/west, north/east, and north/central for Oye’s resignation, that he should honourably resign and avoid being shamed at the convention

11) That Mr Oye should render an account for all the monies gotten from the last general election

12) That the recent flamboyant life by Mr Oye the National Chairman is not acceptable by APGA, APGA unlike other political parties is a conservative party that believes in delivery of dividends of democracy to the citizenry rather than driving bullet proof cars and buying up expensive houses within and outside the country

13) That the illegal suspension of members who express their displeasure against the autocratic attitude of the national chairman is roundly rejected and can never hold.

14) That having performed very well in the past 3 years as the chairman of APGA in Imo State, we hereby pass a vote of confidence on Barr Peter Ezeobi

15) That we call on the chairman of the bot and leader of the party, Governor Willie Obiano who we have a lot of respect for to call for a bot meeting and address a lot of issues that threatens the existence of our great party.

16) Lastly, that the call for Oye to resign is our new song across the country and we will carry the message across the states, local government, and wards until he respectfully leaves the party.

Thanks and god bless

Communique drafting committee

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