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APGA: Let’s Get The Record Straight ~ By Chuks Nwoga


Oye and his 2 deputies were suspended in a meeting he convened after being indicted of gross misconduct in accordance with the APGA constitution.
Agbaso versus Oye

On 5/10/2016, Oye and his 2 deputies were suspended in a meeting he convened after being indicted of gross misconduct in accordance with the APGA constitution {articles 22(2)(I),20(4)]. 

Late Ozo Nwabueze Okafor who was then the national vice chairman southeast and the next highest ranking officer was appointed the acting national chairman also in line with the extant laws of APGA’s constitution. 

Ochudo Martin Agbaso was then appointed as the Deputy national chairman to fill in the vacant position.

Oye who never believed in the rule of law continued to constitute nuisance after being suspended by parading himself as the national chairman thereby misleading the public. 

The then acting national chairman in his wisdom instituted a law suit against Oye praying the court to give an order stopping him from further parading himself as the national chairman of APGA to forestall breakdown of law and order. 

The court was about to give the order when Ozo Okafor died and the whole process was put to a halt. Instead of mourning the dead, Oye and his fellow gangsters threw a party, celebrating the death of the late national chairman. 

They went to the extent of sacrificing a life cow to a certain deity in Anambra north senatorial zone just to celebrate Okpoche’s death. 

Oye and the people he is working for went further to threaten members not to attend the burial of their national chairman or face sack. 

This singular act should tell the world how mean and wicked Oye is: a man who rejoices on the death of another, a former seminarian, a catechist in the Catholic Church, a CMO member, a bazaar committee chairman the church. He claims to be a devout Christian but he is not.

It should be noted that Mkpu which is one of the traditional titles of Oye is the name of a dreaded deity. Only the worshippers of Mkpu takes Mkpu as a title.

Oye was suspended in October 2016. The law suit to stop him from parading himself as national chairman was also instituted in the same October 2016 after granting the infamous spaghetti settlement interview. 

On the 21/12/2016, he assembled his fellow hooligans/semi illiterates in Awka in a facing saving move and announced the expulsion of some members in a case still lying in the court. Oye indeed do not know the meaning of sub juice. 

Anyway, I don’t blame him because he did not attend university like every other person .he just got some few correspondence studies and that stigma still lives with him. Oye does not have a university mate, course mate or class mate.

Oye went further to recruit some motor park touts whom he took bribes from and named them as replacement of members whom he purportedly expelled in a matter still in the court. Every action Oye took has always brought shame and embarrassment to himself and the people he is representing. 

Now one may be forced to ask:

1. Which convention brought in these set of Oye’s touts as members of NWC?

2. Where did Oye derived his powers to preside over meetings from, having been suspended

For the avoidance of doubt, Ochudo Martin Agbaso who was appointed deputy national chairman of APGA when Oye and his 2 deputies were suspended, automatically ascended to the position of the national chairman on the demise of the former national chairman, Ozo Nwabueze Okafor in line with APGA’s constitution. 

Ochudo Martin Agbaso does not need any CONVENTION to became national chairman in such circumstance.

On the visit to INEC, Ochudo Martin Agbaso and his team were warmly received at the INEC headquarters in Abuja.

He was given a presidential welcome and was received by the acting chairman of INEC in the absence of the chairman who went abroad for an official assignment in office of the chairman. The pictures speak for itself. 

Anybody who have visited the commission and have been privileged to go to the chairman’s office should compare it with the images in pictures. 

Ochudo Martin Agbaso also submitted a court document of the outcome of the appeal court and a letter notifying INEC of the forthcoming congress and primaries in Anambra state.

Ochudo Martin Agbaso is a man with a very large personality who enjoys the rare privilege of being profiled by Wikipedia. He doesn’t need the money of anybody or state government to conduct a free, fair and credible primaries in Anambra state. 

He has always stated that any aspirant who approaches him with money in a bid to induced him to influence his or her nomination will be disqualified. 

Unlike Agbaso, Oye is a stooge, a feeding-bottle slave, an armchair chairman who has already foreclosed other aspirants from contesting long ago even before his suspension openly campaigning for an aspirant.

Oye is a gogaman’s agent (medicine vendor who sells medicine to commuters) in Aba and a bazaar committee chairman (an auctioneer in a church), therefore, uses the skills he acquired from these 2 trades, which involves obtaining by trick, to swindle people of their belonging. 

I have never seen the national chairman of a party who stays in the village collecting food items such as palm oil, yam, ogiri, soup and other food items just like a customary court judge. His love for women knows no bound. 

That was why he desecrated the national secretariat with his unholy acts. The office as I speak needs serious spiritual cleansing. His native doctors instructed him to slaughter native  dogs in a certain river in Anambra state and also to put on animal skin Regalia every Saturday to keep his charms potent. Oye is dirty and fetish.

Comrade Chuks Nwoga is the APGA National Youth Leader.

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