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APGA: Njoku dismisses new “chairman” as joke, says only court can sack

Adds: “People like that should be arrested"

The National Chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Edozie Njoku has dismisses the new “chairman” as a “joke”, saying only court can sack an elected party personnel.

Chief Njoku made the remarks during a telephone interview with ElombahNews on Wednesday after a new APGA faction emerged.

This medium reported that a new faction emerged at a purported 114th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting which held in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to the report, “NEC” declared the former National Youth Leader of APGA, Mr. Jude Okeke, as the new National Chairman and sacked Ozo Victor Oye and Edozie Njoku.

Chiefs Oye and Njoku led the previous two factions respectively after a court of competent jurisdiction declared Njoku the authentic National Chairman of APGA.

During a press conference at the meeting in Abuja, however, APGA National Publicity Secretary said that NEC cancelled all activities leading to the June 23 APGA primaries, slated July 1 as new date for primaries, and suspended indefinitely some party members.

The NEC also reversed the disqualification of the 5 aspirants for the governorship election in Anambra that were disqualified by the Victor Oye-led faction.

Reacting to the purported NEC meeting, Njoke said:

“Anyone who understands national politics of a political party, particularly APGA, will see that that is a court case between Oye and Njoku.

“Oye is saying that his convention is legal; Njoku is saying that his convention is legal. So what it means is that you have two NWCs.

“Oye’s NWC and Njoku’s NWC. Oye’s mechanism and Njoku’s mechanism.

“So if someone is coming out and says he is an “Acting, where is he coming from; whose deputy is he?

“Was he Njoku’s deputy, or was he Oye’s deputy to have been able to become “Acting”? Did Njoke die or did Oye die?

“You cannot just jump in and say he has sacked Njoke, sacked Oye. How can you be sacking Njoke and be sacking Victor Oye who are from two different conventions.

“It just like I getting up and say I sacked Oye; how can I sack Oye? Oye is telling you that he won with his own NEC and his own NWC.

“So the only people that can come up with anything is court. A court can now look and say they’ve done this or they’ve done that.

“Without any court order, without anything you just jump in and say you sack… who are you sacking… who are you? Nobody in APGA knows him or has ever seen that guy or knows him from anywhere.

“So I don’t think we should even be discussing it too much and giving him any fame.”

Going further, he said: “If he was saying Njoku has been sacked, you’ll now need to know the convention he was talking about, or if the NEC is from my Owerri Convention.

“Is he coming from Owerri Convention or Awka Convention? Because there were two conventions, one being purported without any delegates or anything, so where is he coming from? Who is he?

“He just woke up in the middle of the night and jumped up and start making mouth. He is just someone trying to cause confusion somewhere.”

When asked whether those that sat on Tuesday were really the NEC of the party, he stated:

“No! Which NEC? Do you not see even the Secretary could not even say A-P-G-A then they corrected him.

“The man himself answering “Chairman” nobody in APGA knows him, call anybody you know and ask him. Nobody in APGA knows him.

“People like that should be arrested. There should be something that will stop people from doing that nonsense.”

Respecting the mandatory upcoming party primaries for the Anambra State governorship election, he declined comment until the near future.

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