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APGA stalwart – Prince Chinedu Idigo – quits party for good

Prince Chinedu Idigo attended his party Ward meeting, simply submitted his APGA membership card and announce that he is quitting the party for good.

The iroko holding Anambra North All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) together for 10 years quits APGA for good. 

An Igbo adage said that is only a fool that they will be told that his father is going and he will wave it with a hand. 

Until when he realize the important of a father when the chips are down in the village meeting that he will know that there is meat and there is a bigger meat. 

Just yesterday the unthinkable happened in APGA Family at Anambra North of Anambra State. 

Prince Chinedu Idigo (Esq) attended his party Ward meeting, simply submitted his membership card and announce that he is quitting the party for good. 

The atmosphere was as silent as grave yard when he made the announcement; it was like the passage of a great masquerade in a land. 

Emotions were running down, old men were crying, they could not hold back their tears. 

Seeing a man loved by his people leaving the party he single handedly sustained for close to 10 years with the Obazes when the current Governor was seriously counting money for bank customers at Fidelity Bank… 

Many that attended the meeting with joy seeing him coming home for the meeting, could not believe it when the unthinkable happened. 

The great Son of Idigo Royal dynasty made a move that will leave a serious cut in the party. 

Recall that he contested for House of Representative seat, won convincingly, but was rigged out by the then powerful PDP that were holding grip in Anambra. 

He sustained APGA even when there was no hope for Anambra North APGA. He put them together like a one family, oiling the party machinery. 

Even when he contested for the governorship ticket of APGA, he was loved by all. 

His closeness to the former Gov Peter Obi pitched him against those not comfortable with his style of low profile and principles . 

He was muscled out and the ticket was given to his brother, Willie Obiano. He accepted it in good faith and simply moved on with the party. 

Just yesterday, he took a bow and left the stage of APGA. Many people from the North are still shocked why he is leaving at this critical period. 

There are many questions from many people, what really happened? 

Why is Prince of Aguleri quitting APGA?

This reminds me what happened in 2015 when Obasanjo tore his party membership card. Many PDP members were ranting who is Obj, that he is nobody. 

But today, the rest is now story, PDP is nobody and Obasanjo is somebody. 

When I see people like Harrison Madubueze ranting on Facebook simply because he is feeding fat from Victor Umeh’s pocket, I simply laugh because kids will talk as kids even when they know nothing about the circumstances surrounding their birth.

We all don’t know the very reason why this Prince of Aguleri Royal Family left APGA yesterday. 

But when the chips are down we all shall understand, for now we are keeping our finger cross and watching critically, maka na Mbe agaba, aja mbene….. 

Dalu nu.

I wish APGA the best come 2017.

Thank you. 

By Ifesi Andy Muoneme


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