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Appeal Court Abuja Ravaged By Flood


The Court of Appeal Headquarters in Abuja has been overwhelmed by flood owing to the heavy rainfall experienced in the city in the past few days.

The impact of the flood experienced between Monday and Tuesday this week saw saw vehicles submerged, offices were flooded with files and documents destroyed unlike the case last year where minor flooding was witnessed.

Most affected was the Abuja division, sitting on the lower end of the sprawling structure, which also houses the Court of Appeal headquarters.

A a senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying:

“Some of our files were affected. We intend to work with lawyers in cases affected, for replacement. We have never had it so bad.”

Another official, Juliet, said: “We had to escape without our vehicles. We were only able to recover our vehicle the next day, when the flood receded.

“My car is currently with the mechanics. They are battling to fix it. The car was totally submerged in the flood.

“Beside the engine that is said to have been affected, all the documents I had in the car were also affected.”

Court staff rescuing vehicle from flood

A lawyer, Isaac Okechukwu said he was in court to ascertain the condition of things upon being informed about the development.

“I heard that the court was flooded and some offices and case files affected. I came to see if my cases were among those affected,” Okechukwu said.

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