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Are Stooges Finally Installed In The 9th Senate? ~ By Paul Njoku

The pictures and video short-clip circulating relentlessly in the social media where the newly elected 9th Senate President, Ahmed Lawan and the Deputy Senate President, Omo-Agege, paid what I call “a thanksgiving and appreciative courtesy visit” to President Muhammadu Buhari shortly after they were elected and sworn-in as the most senior leaders of the 9th Senate are not only demeaning but awkwardly unacceptable in a 21st century of a democratic government!

The thematic aperceptions of those images sincerely speak volumes that stooges are perhaps installed in the 9th Senate. Its interpretation simply means “total submission to President Muhammadu Buhari”. It means “I am all yours and I have surrendered myself to you, oh my demi god”. It also means “thank you for your open support and manipulative influence on me, oh my messiah”. It also means “I will forever remain faithful to you till date do us part”. Someone whispers to me that it means “I will do anything you ask me to do as your boy”.

Meanwhile, one of the short-video clips humbly captured how the Deputy Senate President, Omo-Agege, genuflated with his two kneels completely bashed on the floor in his regalia while shaking the hands of President Buhari in thanksgiving. Some pundits and protégés of the shenanigan indoctrinators say “it is the Urhobo traditional ways of greeting elders”. When I demanded to know if Omo-Agege was elected as the Deputy Senate President in the hollowed Chambers with Urhobo traditional standing rules of the Senate, I was ignored. When I also demanded to know whether the Deputy Senate President greeted Mr.President in that manner during his campaign era in Delta State, nobody proved me wrong with evidence of pictures and clips.

Senator Omo-Agege kneeling down to greet President Buhari

Indeed, history was cluelessly made by such outrageous and cosmetic courtesy of a handshake. Nigerians are watching. We are not blind. We will continue to oppose impunity of any guise because this country belongs to all us. We are not cowards or afraid to speak truth to power. The savagery of the NEXT-LEVEL mantra of the ruling party with such unbridled courtesy is reflectively unhidden in compromises. Can the 9th Senate under Ahmed Lawan and Omo-Agege boldly engage and resiliently checkmate the executive excesses of the President via making outstanding legislative bills and laws without any fixation of doom?

Yes! Everything is wrong with that ridiculous submission and unwarranted visitation by the Senate President and his Deputy to the villa. It is a pointer of a legislative absolutism and emissary of barbarity to be encountered in the hallowed chamber of the 9th Senate which has been the delight of the APC-led government.

There should be no unconstitutionally mutual and home-induced relationship between the executive and the legislature in this NEXT-LEVEL government. These organs of government should be truly independent and separated. What the duo did is an impeachable offence in sane clime where there is a true demonstration of functional and constitutional democracy.

It is simply an audacity of an undue loyalty and a breach of the constitutional separation of powers for a boss of an organ of government (legislature) who was elected with a genuine standing rules of the hollowed chamber to pay a thanksgiving homage in the residence of another boss of an organ of government (the executive).

What is the correlation of such mendacious ties between the two organs of government that are truly supposed to be independent from each other?

Legislators are to make favourable laws to Nigerians and not to the President. They are answerable to us and not to the President. I foresee an unfortunate and organised marriage between the 9th Senate and the Executive to the detriment of Nigerians.

Mr.President should be informed that he does not supposed to have influence of any sort in the business and functional activities of the National Assembly otherwise he would mangle and forestall the oversight functions of the legislature into a complete mangle of metals against the desires of the Nigerian people.

Comr.Paul Ikechukwu Njoku
(Human Rights Activist)

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