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Are there psychotherapists to save Ebere Wabara from PPD – paranoid personality disorder?


Many individuals, who may appear healthy and physically in good shape, are psychologically abnormal and, unknown to many, suffer from what clinic psychologists call Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD).  

Knowledge is so vast that no individual, even if a genius, can correctly claim to possess it all. There are hundreds of branches of knowledge and there is none that is not important. Psychotherapy is a branch of psychology that deals with mental, emotional and nervous disorders.

Many individuals that are seen daily on the streets, in offices and even on pages of newspapers, who may appear healthy and physically in good shape, are psychologically abnormal and, unknown to many, suffer from what clinic psychologists call Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD).  Some of the characteristics a patient suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder, which is hereditary, include pervasive long standing suspiciousness, mistrust of others and tendency to insult and bully others, in most cases, without any cause.

As a commentator on contemporary issues, I had written a piece which I captioned ‘Bazaar In The Temple of Justice’ and which was published on page 47 of Thisday of Saturday 23rd December, 2016 to express my discontent with the verdict of the Court of Appeal that nullified the election of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State. 

Being a very responsible indigene of Abia State, who have been actively and patriotically involved in the affairs of the state for a reasonable length of time and being conversant with what happened in the state during the 2015 general election, I did not need any oracle to tell me that the verdict by Her Lordship; Justice Oyebisi Omoleye’s Panel was very faulty.

In 2007 governorship election, the Court of Appeal was the terminal Court for hearing governorship election petitions. By the Electoral Act of 2010, the Supreme Court became the apex Court for governorship election petitions. 

There was no basis for me to appreciate why the Justice Omoleye’s Panel should derail to the extent of ordering that Dr Alexander Otti, whom the panel had declared winner of the election, should be sworn-in immediately when the Electoral Act provides another window for Governor Ikpeazu seek for Justice other than believe that the Justices had been penetrated and had subsequently compromised the ethics of their noble profession. 

Using advantage of his access to the Sun Newspaper, one Ebere Wabara, on Page 18 of Daily Sun of Monday February 1st, 2016 in an article he titled ‘Diatribe against Appellate Justices,’ poured invective on me. There was no abusive word known to him that he did not use against me. 

After reading his tirade against me, I thought I should ask my lawyer to commence a legal action as to teach him and the Sun Newspaper a lesson for being irresponsible, vulgar, uncouth and disrespectful. I was intrinsically encouraged to take this action having read him boast of having many streams of income which give the impression that he is financially comfortable.

I, however, decided to conduct an investigation on his person. My inquiry revealed he is from a remote village called Umuogo, near Azumini in Ukwa-East Local Government Area of Abia State. Umuogo is about five kilometres away from Ohambele; the home-town of former President of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Adolphus Wabara whom he insults at will.

At Umuogo, I learnt two things about Ebere Wabara. I realized that he comes from a family that thrives in lawlessness, incivility and cruelty of extreme order. In fact, I was told that not too long ago the family house of the Wabaras of Umuogo was raised down and everything therein destroyed. 

On further inquiry, I was meant to understand that his senior brother had instructed hoodlums of the Wabara’s family to kill an officer of the Nigeria Police Force who had legitimately come to Umuogo on investigation. The Police officer was not only brutally killed but was inhumanly buried in a shallow grave his brother had ordered for that purpose. Of course, you can trust the Nigeria Police Force; the Wabara family of Umuogo will live in perpetual regret for that act of cruelty and inhumanity. 

Specifically on Ebere Wabara, his town’s men told me that he is hardly known in Umuogo. As they put it; ‘Ebere seldom comes home’. They went further to say that he is the only educated son of Umuogo that is above fifty years that has woefully failed to build even a mud house with a corrugated iron sheet on top of it. 

They advised me not to worry myself over a man whose life has been synonymous with irresponsibility. They said he does not come home because he has no hut to sleep in. The one that pained me most was when they said that if death called on Ebere Wabara as we were discussing, that he would have no place where his body could lye-in-state.

With the hope that Ebere Wabara could be one of those wealthy individuals who may not like building a house in his village but would prefer building edifices in big cities, I tried to find out the type of building or buildings Ebere Wabara that has ‘many streams of income’ would own in Lagos. To my chagrin, the man that boasts of many streams of income lives in a building that has no sign of painting and members of his family have to climb down on daily basis to fetch water as water is not reticulated to his flat. Above all, his place of residence is located in a shanty in Lagos. What an empty boast!

At the end of my investigation, it was obvious the pipsqueak called Ebere Wabara is a self-imposed fugitive and has lost bearing with realities in his small village of Umuogo and has resorted to negativity as a way of life. He does not see anything good in any individual. He is a sadist.

Purely in sympathy with Ebere Wabara, I have decided not to take him to Court for defamation. I would, rather, touch a few of the issues the contemptuous braggart goofed on. Before doing this, I want to say that Ebere Wabara, having failed to live up to the responsibilities of adulthood in his place of nativity, has developed odium against his people of Umuogo, Ndoki, Ukwa and Abia State. He is a self-proclaimed enemy of his people.

Ebere Wabara, who wrote that I am an ignoramus, is ironically the most uninformed writer I have ever read. He exposed his ignorance when he started his attack by claiming that ‘Don Ubani, a brief Ngwa man, was information Commissioner in the immediate past administration in Abia State. I am a blue-blooded indigene of Umuiku-Isi-Asa Autonomous community in Ukwa-West Local Government Area of Abia State. I was a commissioner for information and strategy in Abia State not ‘Information Commissioner’ as he ignorantly had put it.

As a Pathological liar and enemy of his people, Ebere Wabara mischievously tried to portray Governor Okezie Ikpeazu as a sectional leader by alleging that ‘virtually all the commissioners, the Secretary to the State Government, and other top bureaucrats in the state are insensitively and unsurprisingly from Ngwa’.

 For purposes of offering Ebere Wabara a free tutorial, each local government Area of Abia State is represented in the cabinet of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu. The Secretary to the State Government is Dr Eme Okoro, an erudite scholar and agronomist from Ozu-item in Bende Local Government Area of Abia –North. 

Throughout the said piece in Thisday of January 23, 2016, there was no place I made mention of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Due to his stunted intelligence, Ebere Wabara opted to be my unsolicited interpreter by presuming that the unnamed prominent leader of APC and a one-time governor of Lagos state that I had mentioned in my write-up was Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Ebere Wabara merely exposed his porosity in syllogism.

It is unfortunate and, indeed, a pity that the bag of wind called Ebere Wabara, who after calling for my crucification for expressing my opinion on an Appeal Court Judgement I strongly considered to be faulty and amounted to a travesty of justice, ended up contradicting himself by admitting that ‘there may be exceptional and infinitesimal cases of judicial corruption because of marginal environmental factors or circumstantial exigencies’. 

What doltish way of encouraging mis-application of justice by cloddish Ebere Wabara! I am sure if Ebere Wabara had seen me physically after receiving his gratification from his sponsors to put up the trash he wrote against me, he would have preferred handling me, being a block of the old chip, the way the Wabaras handled the police officer that came on investigation to Umuogo.

Since Ebere Wabara erratically suggested that I should be imprisoned for saying my mind what would he recommend should happen to the National Chairman of All Progressives Congress, Chief John Oyegun and, even, the President; Muhammadu Buhari, for expressing disappointment with the judiciary?

Without my raising an accusing finger, Ebere Wabara, reflective of his true nature as a maniac depressive, went all out to complain that some readers accuse him of using intemperate, inflammable, bombastic and uncouth language occasionally in his writings. He should not worry about the extent of his vulgarity because for him to have been brought up in a family that the only language it knows and admires is cruelty emanating from extreme lawlessness, rather than get annoyed with him, he should attract the pity of his readers.

The average mad man that walks on the street, even in his madness, accords respect to elderly persons he passes by. More importantly, he distances himself from places of worship in reverence to God. In the case of Ebere Wabara, he has so disrespected everybody except the few he thinks he could milk financially that he has self-destructively emboldened himself as a heretic and blasphemer. Imagine Ebere Wabara that neither has a house in his remote village of Umuogo nor lives comfortably as a tenant in Lagos accusing Almighty God of being ‘blasphemously asleep’ should the Appeal Court ruling that unjustifiably nullified the election of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu be upturned by the Supreme Court!

Before I draw a curtain over this piece, I want to state that by upholding the election of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, the Supreme Court has surely restored the citizens’ confidence in the judiciary as the bastion of democracy. It has equally re-affirmed the principles of equity, justice and fairness in the polity. The Supreme Court has, by the same action, guaranteed the continuation of the unprecedented good work that Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has been doing in Abia State, especially at Aba that was infrastructural dead for the past sixteen years. With the work Governor Ikpeazu is doing in the state, his re-election in 2019, by God’s grace, would be a mere formality. 

As for Ebere Wabara, I wish he approaches some psychotherapists to commence, without any delay, a thorough clinical investigation into his case with a view to finding a solution to his malady. Failure by Ebere Wabara to heed this piece of advice could mean he would continue to suffer from narcissistic personality disorder which perpetually renders him a schizophrenic.

Don Ubani

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