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Are we seeing the beginnings of the end of American civilization?


History reveals that great civilizations decline and fall due to internal erosion, not external invasion. Intrinsic corruption and corrosion invite…

Could Mr. Trump be a greater threat to United States civilization than external forces? 

When the current presidential candidates who will take charge of America’s future are asked what and who are the greatest threats to America, they have consistently selected from a list that is headlined by Russia, ISIS, Al Qaeda, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. 

The list contains external forces, and is a shorthand for saying that all is OK at home, and that we should be on the lookout only for an invasion from abroad to destroy our civilization and influence.

There is a misreading of history in this choice list and because these supposedly knowledgeable people could be so easily blindsided by the desire to win elections; which in turn means not looking inwards for real threats; the danger of a miscalculation is scary.

After identifying countries that threaten US and after blaming President Obama for weakening America, the former Vice President Dick Cheney, and his daughter Liz Cheney in an opinion piece in Wall Street Journal see things this way:

We must begin at once to rebuild our military. 

This means ending sequestration and returning to a Defense Department budget built around defeating the threats to our nation. 

We must remedy readiness shortfalls, modernize and upgrade our nuclear arsenal, develop and build a robust missile-defense system, and invest in technologies necessary to maintain our military superiority, particularly against advances by adversaries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea… 

The Cheney’s thus join the list of most presidential candidates in this campaign cycle in seeing America from a mirror dimly.

Things may not be so bad if this misreading of history is confined to politicians alone; but available evidence shows that the military, Think Tanks, the general public, journalists, political analysts and commentators and others near and far have the same beliefs: that America is threatened from outside its shores and that the remedy is a stronger military; a more advanced weaponry; and a better trained service men and women.

The problem with this line of thought is that USA already has the most superior military in the world. 

It already has the most advanced weapons system than the next five powers COMBINED. 

It has the capabilities to project its power around the globe whether by air, sea or land. 

It has strong allies in all the continents and sub continents; it has more submarines, more nuclear weapons, more fighter planes and, except for China, more troops in uniform.

It definitely has better trained fighters. 

And of course a higher budget to say nothing about the patriotism of the men and women in uniform.

Where comes this inferiority complex in a nation so powerful? 

Why this inferiority complex in the world’s largest economy?

Inquiring minds want to know.

History teaches that civilizations fall in equal parts due to external forces and internal forces or rather more often from the internal dynamics that exist within the civilizations. 

Brandon Marion notes:

History reveals that great civilizations decline and fall due to internal erosion, not external invasion. Intrinsic corruption and corrosion invite outsiders to raid, rape, pillage, and plunder. 

Conquest is thus merely the coup de grace, a finishing stroke in the aftermath of prolonged dissolution. 

In most cases, conquerors appear more impressive than they deserve because the conquered first methodically, albeit unwittingly, lay the groundwork for them. 

Any species of predatory brutes can kick in a Maginot Line, and most do…. 

Among the signs of decline Brandon lists are the following:

1.        Cognitive Dissonance – A cerebral malfunction resulting in psychological blindness.

2.       Denial – The matter become clearer and reality loses its blur, yet we stubbornly refuse to admit what the matter signifies,

3.       Delusive Ideology – Ideologues are prejudiced and their biases substitute for facts. Prejudicial lenses preclude deviant views from the ideologue’s mind.

4.       Aversion to Judgment – Decision-making becomes taboo. We are spoon-fed pap and gulp it down uncritically, abdicating the rudimentary responsibility to think

5.       Political Correctness – .  The judicial ability is retained, yet we refuse to call a thing by its name so as not to cause offense. 

6.       Moral Equivalency –  Issues are discernible and named, but they are equated in value despite precise and glaring disparities. Relativism is the order of the day. Good and evil, right and wrong, innocence and guilt – all these binaries are deliberately confused 

7.       Identity Loss –  When the fundamental values of a society are attenuated, its ontology andraisons d’Atre are called into question. The resulting identity deficit, the diminishing of identity integrity, inevitably eventuates in disintegration.

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