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Are You Preparing For College Entry In 2019


Another academic year is almost over, and now, it is the right time for many school graduates to start thinking of their further steps. At this point, it is vital to understand that admission requirements and trends are constantly changing.

Thus, a successful enrollment requires keeping up with the changes and knowing what to expect from an upcoming admission season.

How can college-bound families know for sure what to expect this year?

For everyone interested in applying to college in 2019, it will be useful to read an official report released by the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

This document is a clear guide for students that covers all of the key trends that will be relevant during each year. According to NACAC, the following are the main trends of this year:

  • For US applicants, overall academic performance and grades will be the most decisive factors for admission.
  • For international students, on the contrary, the most significant factor is their score for official English proficiency test (such as IELTS and TOEFL).
  • More and more facilities give early round applicants more chances of getting in, which is why early admissions are extremely popular in 2019.
  • Candidates included in waitlists will have more chances for being admitted because many facilities tend to pull those students to fill empty spots.
  • Essays remain among the most important “soft factors” for admission committees.

With all these trends in mind, now how can future students prepare for college entry? In this article, we are going to guide you through the most important steps that will help ensure your success!

Getting Your Application Ready

If you are just getting ready to fill in your application, be sure that it will be the hardest and most responsible step of all. Even the importance of choosing the right program and college fades away compared to this step!

In order to succeed, students need to be organized and start as early as possible. It is never a good idea to procrastinate this step because eventually, it can turn into a complete disaster!

What else should prospective students keep in mind at this stage? Here are some of the most significant points:

  1. Getting started – proper organization and a bit of attention are the key factors of the success formula. Thus, be sure to start preparing as early as possible and be consistent and careful. Following these rules, pupils can minimize the pressure and stress, and go a long way with their applications.
  2. Be aware of the package requirements – probably the most disappointing reason for failure is an incomplete application package. Thus, be sure to check out the college’s requirements and pay due attention to this matter in order not to miss anything.
  3. Pay due attention to your essay – as was mentioned earlier, an admission essay plays a crucial role in the success of a student’s application, so it makes sense to pay special attention to this matter. We advise applicants to start thinking of their essays as early as possible to beat those deadlines and impress everyone with a top-notch paper. A few things to keep in mind are – 1) an essay can make your application stand out from a huge pile of other packages, 2) it basically needs to assure the committee that you are the right candidate for the spot. What if someone has troubles with writing an essay? Of course, it is much better to write a really personal paper yourself. However, sometimes it is better not to take unnecessary risks and ask for help. For example, students can get assistance from writing services like Essay Pro. A professional service will do the hard work and ensure your success!
  4. Let your school know – the application will be incomplete without those school scripts. Thus, it is vital to alert school authorities about the colleges you have in mind so that they could send out the necessary documents.
  5. Send out application package as early as possible – we’ve already mentioned that most facilities in 2019 are willing to accept students, who apply during the first round. Thus, be sure not to miss out on this opportunity!
  6. Save a copy – finally, it is smart to keep copies of all completed applications along with identification numbers, contact details, passwords, etc. This will keep you on the safe side if something goes wrong.

Final Words

With the tips given in this post, students should experience less stress during the application process. However, it is vital to keep in mind that nothing can protect you from stressing out if you didn’t start preparing for the entry in advance.

We recommend students to think about where they are heading in life as early as possible.

This way, you will have plenty of time for defining your prospective career, choosing schools, programs, and scholarships, and wrapping up your application!

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