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Aregbesola lied, Kaduna prison officials killed 8 prisoners & detainees —Odinkalu


The former Executive Secretary of Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has insisted that the Minister of Interior, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola lied when he told Nigerians that no one died during the Kaduna Correctional Centre crisis last year.

In a series of tweets, Prof. Odinkalu maintained that not only did Aregbesola lie, but that Kaduna prison officials actually killed at least eight prisoners and detainees.

Tweeting, Odinkalu recalled how on 31 March, 2020, prisoners at the Kaduna Correctional Centre in Kaduna raised concerns about COVID-19 mitigation measures in the prison.

“Rather than manage them humanely,” he wrote, “[Nigerian Correctional Service officials] at the prison resorted to brutal measures.”

“It did not end well,” he lamented, wondering why the minister did not ensure a proper investigation of the incident.

Tweeting further, the former NHRC boss stated:

“The officials of the Kaduna prison shot, torture, clobbered as many prisoners as they could find.

“The brutality of their response was single-minded. When they were finished, at least eight prisoners lay dead. Many were injured critically.

“On 3 April, Interior Minister, Rauf Aregbesola issued a statement in which he claimed no one died.

“That was clearly false. Indeed, the prison officials had killed at least eight prisoners and detainees.

“Apart from killing the inmates and lying about it, the Nigeria Correctional Service also forced families of the victims to sign controversial undertaking documents.”

Odinkalu then released the names of the killed prisoners as follows:

  1. Hameed Abdullahi,
  2. Lucky Ugokama,
  3. Ibrahim Abubakar (aka Baba Lolo),
  4. Yahu Salisu,
  5. Elvis Wisdom Adekpe,
  6. Lucky Njoku,
  7. Oluchukwu Oche (aka No Witch), and Ibrahim Abdullahi.

Another inmate, Ogume Osifo Osarome was critically injured and risked death, according to the renowned human rights activist.

Not done with the carnage, he revealed, “on 7 April, 2020, prison authorities surreptitiously went to a Coroner in Kaduna and with no notice to the families of the dead prisoners, got an order to dispose of the bodies of the prisoners they had killed.

“It was very much an effort to conceal a crime of homicide,” Odinkalu lamented.

Another contributor noted that the Coroner form is a set consisting of Form C- Order for Post Mortem Examination; Section 14 – Report of a Medical Practitioner; D18- Report on the Post Mortem; before Form 23- WARRANT TO BURY, and added:

“I’m dumbfounded here. No autopsy before disposal of the remains?”

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