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Arewa Quit Notice & Threat Of Genocide: Beyond The Rhetorics —By Charles Ogbu

It is no longer news that some group of Hausa/Fulani Muslim Youths under the auspices of ‘Arewa Youth’, recently issued a 3 month notice to Igbos living and doing business in the North to leave or be visited with ethnic cleansing. The notice, they say, was premised on the May 30th successful Sit-At-Home observed by Igbos in honor of their Biafran fallen heroes.

Just so we are clear, this writer has no plan of joining issues with some bunch of intellectually kwashiokored Quota System products masquerading as Arewa Youth. Not at all. The fact that the so called Arewa Youths had to unashamedly dedicate two paragraphs of their Press Release to explaining how they intend to take over Igbo investments at the expiration of the ‘quit notice’ proves they are nothing short of a collection of covetous lazy under-doers undeserving of even the silence of civilized men in a 21st century world.

I would say the genocide threat came to me as a surprise except I would have lied. What will surprise me is the day the scions of Dan Fodio begin to excel in any other field of human endeavour like education, business, sports and entertainment as against terrorism, religious killing, bombing and butchering people which remain their area of specialization till date.

Expecting the core Hausa/Fulani Muslim North to stop wasting human lives is as criminally funny as expecting a vampire to stop feeding on human blood. But like I said, some mentally retarded barbarians ain’t worth discussing. What I find very troubling is the ease with which so many of us appear to have swallowed the deceit, the grandstanding and the double-speak of the Arewa Consultative Forum, Northern governors like Nasir El-Rufai and other prominent Northerners among others.

There are some glaring facts we need to point out here:

No 1. The meeting as well as the Press Conference was held in Arewa House. The venue speaks volume. Just for the sake of clarity, Arewa House is the official residence of Sir Ahmadu Bello; the first premier of the Northern region. Currently, the House is the official meeting place for Arewa Consultative Forum and Arewa Elders Forum, the Northern region power house. The choice of that venue speaks to some form of institutional approval and official but covert endorsement of the position of those 16th century minded youths by some highly placed Northern elements.

No 2. The fact that the Sultan of Sokoto, the most influential Hausa/Fulani Muslim leader in the country has not categorically condemned this open threat of genocide should force the sleeping brain of every Igbo person and indeed all Southerner into a reboot mode. The silence of the Sultan in this is anything but golden.

No 3. That ‘arrest order’ dished out by Kaduna state governor, Nasir El-Rufai against the genocidal youths was the gravest insult to human decency. El-Rufai is the last person any reasonable human being who is not a Fulani Muslim should trust with his life. When it comes to lack of respect to the sanctity of human lives, even Lucifer will do well to come receive some tutorial from governor El-Rufai.

Isn’t it a classic definition of irony that governor El-Rufai who is currently supervising a systematic genocide against the Christian people of Southern Kaduna should be warning another group hell-bent on replicating the same hate-induced ethnic cleansing on another ethnic group, this time, the Igbos? The same El-Rufai who publicly admitted tracking the murderous Fulani herdsmen to their base and paying them cash compensation instead of prosecuting them?

The same El-Rufai under whose watch the people of Jema’a local govt were butchered by Fulani terrorists on 24th night and 25th morning of December 2016 even as the whole place was under a state of emergency with soldiers everywhere??

Anyone who can’t see that El-Rufai is far worse than those Northern Youths is simply playing the Ostrich. Anyone who can’t see that he (El-Rufai) gave the empty arrest order in a desperate bid to launder his badly dilapidated image ahead of his 2019 presidential ambition is simply incapable of seeing anything.

Anyone who truly believed he (El-Rufai) meant that arrest order will most certainly believe that the devil can lead one to heaven. Any Igbo man who believe that a self-confessed terrorist financier like governor El-Rufai will protect him should simply go for a special DNA test to ascertain not just his paternity but his ancestry, too.

The fact that even after calls for their arrest were made, those youths still came live on Channels T.V to defend their position and majestically walked out of the studio with no arrest confirms that indeed, they got assurances from the criminally inept and religiously/ethnically biased Hausa/Fulani Muslim dominated security agencies before holding that Press conference.

When Buhari went to his village to excavate his kinsman, Lawal Daura from retirement and made him the DSS boss, some people, mostly southerners, were busy justifying it with tales of how ancestor Lugard did it in 19kpirigidim.

When he concentrated almost all arm-bearing security agencies in the hand of his fellow Hausa/Fulani Muslims, we were greeted with the same silly justification of “even if he fills the whole posts with his Daura people, it doesn’t matter”. I hope those of you who made those moronic defence are proud of yourselves?

Even in the very unlikely event that some of those Arewa Youths are arrested, it is only a man suffering from generational amnesia that will hail such move considering how the Sharia govt of Kano state quickly arrested the killers of Mrs Bridget Agbohime who was gruesomely murdered by Islamist Wildlings only for the same Kano state to usurp the powers of the Judge handling the case and declare that the arrested guys all had no case to answer. As I type this, those barbarians yet walk the earth as free men.

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