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 – THE RULE OF LAW; Time to begin to play your part by Educating the world!!!!


The affiliate rights and supportive democracy groups and the leadership of Southeast Based Coalition of Human Rights Organizations (SBCHROs) are deeply alarmed and worried concerning the deployment of more battalions of members of the so called “Nigerian Army” and their war-like heavy equipment to all the strategic roads in the Southeast or Igbo part of Nigeria. Igbo travellers and road users have reported the laying of siege by Jihadist elements in the Army on strategic roads in the Southeast particularly at boundary posts in Imo/Abia and Port Harcourt axis; Enugu (Nsukka) and Benue (Oturpa) axis; Anambra (Onitsha Niger Bridgehead) and Delta (Asaba) axis and Ebonyi (Abakiliki) and Enugu axis.

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