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Armed men kill 22 in Niger as constitutional court certifies Mohamed Bazoum’s presidency


The Niger Constitutional Court has certified Mohamed Bazoum, 61, as winner of the 21st February presidential election with 55.66% of the vote.

Mohamed Bazoum

The former foreign minister defeated former President Mahamane Ousmane who received 44.34% in the election, and had rejected the results announced by the Electoral Commission resulting in violence that claimed at least two lives in the poverty and insecurity striken West African country.

To underscore the level of instability in the otherwise unarium-rich former French colony, gunmen killed 22 persons in latest attacks in the Tillabary region, southwest of the country late Sunday, the same day the Constitutional court approved Bazoum’s victory.

Less than a week ago, at least 58 persons were also killed in similar attacks in the same region.

It is an understatement that Bazoum has inherited a mammoth task from outgoing President Mamadou Issoufou, who was ironically declared winner of the Mo Ibrahim Africa Leadership Award recently!

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