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Arms-gate: See how Jonathan, Dasuki frittered our money


We all remember clearly the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] presidential Primaries. Only one application form was printed and sold to only one candidate, former President Jonathan. 

That was the final confirmation that PDP was an undemocratic collection of men and women with selfish interests that override the collective interests of Nigerians.

The point of a presidential primary for the PDP was totally lost on many of us as those in charge had imposed President Jonathan on the party as a sole candidate.

Still, our soldiers were starved of life-saving gears and equipment needed to face the brutish Boko Haram. 

They were slain in cold blood, their dead bodies left in the Sahara wilderness to be devoured by vultures. Their anxious families, left in the dark as to what had become of their loved ones.

Soldiers who refused to face Boko Haram with their bare hands were labelled ‘Cowards’, arraigned before military Tribunals and sentenced to death.

But the priority of the then President Jonathan was to grease the palms of PDP delegates to sanction his solo candidacy. 

Is there any one left in doubt as to why former NSA Col Sambo Dasuki has been crying that he carried out orders given by the one who swore to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria, former Pres. Jonathan?

What sort of a Commander in Chief of the Armed forces would order his National Security Adviser to divert funds meant to secure lives and property into bribing delegates to a Presidential Primary that the outcome was already know?

Nigerians want that Commander of the Looting Forces to be pulled in to give account of his stewardship to Nigerians. 

Nigerians want to know how he allowed thousands of Nigerians to be massacre, needlessly. 

Nigerians need to know what this man has to say about the millions of Nigerians who became refugees in their own country and in some neighbouring nations while he diverted funds meant for their protection and safety

Regarding the war on corruption, we stand with Baba when he said, “No foes, no friends”. Go get him, EFCC! And heaven will not fall! 

Father Christmas? Go To Dasuki! 

The generation of get-rich-quick Nigerians are moaning. They had lived a life under Father Christmas where they got paid a ₦100,000 for just picking up a girl in a cab for the high and mighty. Well, those days are gone.

They do not understand that those activities of President Jonathan’s Father Christmas government has put our nation at the risk of liquidation and our people below the poverty line.

Now they want another money-sharing government under the present Pres. Buhari-led administration. I do not mince words in declaring that they are dreaming. It will never happen!

They do not understand that the nutritious value of Indomie noodles is not the same as properly prepared Edikaikong as it takes long time in preparation, skills and patience to cook the later. We as Nigerians will have to brace up for hard times ahead as Britons and Americans did a few years ago.

America, Britain and Germany did not achieve great economies by sharing money. It’s by re-engineering the economy so that social amenities are able to accommodate the needs of the less privileged and less able-bodied in their societies as well as creation of job opportunities.

We are suffering the consequences of our looted treasury hidden away in banks and vaults overseas, wardrobes, soak away pits, overhead water tanks, underground petrol tanks and in local fake accounts

The good news is we have an excellent manager of resources who is bent on pulling the 110 million poverty stricken Nigerians out of their present predicament. We all must be patient. 

We survived an evil government. Now there is hope. God will not kill us now that He has supported us to have a better government. He left us alive for a reason. To enjoy the fruit of our land. And it will come to pass. 

God bless us all, everyone. 

Lauretta Onochie


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