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Army, Others Seeking Revoke Of Kanu’s Bail: Go, Wallow In Shame —CSO


Intactness Of Kanu’s Bail Conditions & Emptiness Of Nigerian Army In Policing Public Assemblies In Nigeria

The leadership of Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law [Intersociety] is not surprised at the negative reactions of the Federal Government of Nigeria and its Nigerian Army as well as some unfriendly media practitioners sympathetic to the present Federal Government and its suppressive and annihilative policies against the Igbo Ethnic Nationality in Nigeria. 

The unfolding negative reactions of the referenced are clearly borne out of huge successes that followed the 30th May 2017 sit-at-home protest organized by the leaderships of IPOB and MASSOB, which recorded 95% success in the targeted areas and cities in Igbo Land, and other Igbo populated and business areas in Nigeria.

We make bold to say that the negative reactions are not unexpected and clearly borne of frustrations, humiliations, surprises and shocks received by the unrepentant ethno-religious cleansers; forcing them to deploy all arsenal they think they have so as to register their frustrations and humiliations. 

Since the end of the hugely successful sit-at-home protest, we have been following the referenced negative reactions with no iota of surprise.

While the media branch of the named sworn Igbo enemies have heightened a smear and inciting campaign, claiming that “Citizen Nnamdi Kanu has flouted his bail conditions and should be re-arrested and sent back to prisons”, the military branch of the referenced sworn Igbo enemies, represented by the Nigerian Army, has gone gaga and uncontrollable telling the whole world how “it escaped IPOB and MASSOB’s ambush” and how “IPOB and MASSOB and their int’l collaborators have transformed into armed militias”.

Totality of these is not unexpected of a set of genocidal people kitted and armed with lethal weapons and chronically commissioned to slaughter at any slightest opportunity members of Igbo Ethnic Nationality in furtherance of their decades’ long genocidal and annihilative policies. 

Which explains why despite killing over 3.5 million innocent and defenseless Igbo citizens since 1945, they are yet undone and always on the look for bloods of Igbo people in Nigeria or any part thereof.

The truth of the matter leading to the present litany of frustrations and negative reactions by the referenced, strictly lies on two successes recorded in the all-important sit-at-home protest: 

(a) successful and masterful change of protest strategy; from open street protest prone to mass murder by Nigerian Army, Nigeria Police Force, SSS, Navy and Police SARS, etc., to sit-at-home or ghost street protest; and,

(b) huge compliance or approval voluntarily given by 95% of the urban Igbo people to the sit-at-home call by the leaderships of IPOB and reformed MASSOB.

Consequently, we at Intersociety make further bold to say that Citizen Nnamdi Kanu’s bail conditions are intact, inviolable and strictly adhered to. Those calling for his re-arrest or revocation of his bail conditions have failed woefully and shall continue to fail. 

The issue of bail conditions ordering a beneficiary citizen to quarantine himself/herself to indoor or cave and not be seen among a crowd exceeding ten citizens is not only a judicial disaster, but intensively and extensively unknown to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999.

No court order or judicial pronouncement releasing a detained citizen on bail can invalidate his or her constitutional right to freedom of association and assembly. Ordering Citizen Nnamdi Kanu “not to be found in a crowd numbering over ten persons” expressly means that he cannot worship or be found in the midst of his lawyers, siblings, his father’s palace, among his father’s cabinet chiefs, with his wife and his in-laws, in sporting arena, inside a plane or public vehicular transport, in a motor park, in a meeting of his kinsmen, peer group and social and political associates, etc.

By Section 1 (3) of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, any pronouncement of the court in Nigeria that rises in conflict with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution is totally dead on arrival, particularly if such judicial pronouncement is made as ratio decidendi. 

Such unconstitutional ratio decidendi should not only be trounced but also expressly treated as orbita dictum or dicta. No court in Nigeria under the 1999 Constitution must issue an order undermining the 1999 Constitution particularly its justiciable rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association.

As for recent ranting of the Nigerian Army, represented by its 82nd Division in Enugu, it is a clear case of pathological emptiness of Nigerian soldiers in modern soldiering and military science particularly as it concerns military-public relationship and policing of public assemblies in Nigeria. 

The frustrations of the 82nd Division of the Nigerian Army and its satellite formations in the Southeast are clearly understandable.

Here is a supposed Army of multi ethno-religious composition of the Federation of Nigeria, but defiantly and lopsidedly composed and peopled presently by brigades and battalions of ethno-religious cleansers within the Hausa-Fulani Muslim stock. 

The 82nd Division of the Nigerian Army is utterly angry and frustrated because streets and roads in the Southeast that had last year’s 29th and 30th May provided same with an opportunity to shed and spill the bloods of over 140 innocent and defenseless Igbo citizens at Nkpor, Onitsha and Asaba; grossly disappointed and denied it of same violent opportunity on 30th of May 2017; leading to its present frustrations, humiliations, shocks and disappointment.

We had in September 2016, issued a public enlightenment advocacy statement in which we stated and pointed out clearly that the Nigerian Army is the most atrocious and barbarous military under any credible democratic country in Africa, South America and Asia, Europe and North America. 

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