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As Governor Willie Obiano joins “Nollywood”…

Governor Willie Obiano joins

Ever since the news of the “apology” and plead for “forgiveness” broke out, I have been scratching my head and trying to adjust my sitting position to catch the full glimpse of the well-scripted movie being acted by my governor.

I have never seen Gov Obiano looked this sober in the full glare of any congregation. 

It was indeed a solemn moment as some People present only had to wipe some careless tears that found its way through their cheeks.

Away from sentiments…

Does Gov Obiano need the burial of Fr. Tagbo to plead for forgiveness from the man who made him without his 0.5% input?

How many times has Gov Obiano called the man who made him on phone ever since he ascended the throne?

Is it the same Gov Obiano that told Sir Peter Obi to his face during the 90th birthday of Prof. Ben Nwabueze in Atani last month “I na-amighari from one place to another; m ga eme gi ife”?

Is it same man who barred his State Executive Council from either calling Peter Obi on phone or having anything to do with him or risk sack?

Is it the same man whom all he needed to appoint Mr Egbuna Amuta of ABS an SA was for him to produce a movie titled “Inconsistency of a man” with 250 million Naira of our tax payers money?

Is it the same man who commissioned and doled out millions of Naira to Orient Group of blackmailers to concoct different tales of moonlights every day and be posting with pseudo accounts like:

1: Izuchukwu Okosu

2: Adaora Agu

3: Emeka Ezenwa

4: Miriam Okafor

5: Jojo Ujanwa

6: Chikadikadia

If Gov Obiano needs to plead for forgiveness from his benefactor, he knows what to do and where to meet him. 

Trying to weep up sentiments to play on the intelligence of Ndi Anambra is akin to a man trying to rewrite history with childish pranks.

When Peter Obi wanted to make Obiano governor, he knew where to meet him and he did met him there!

Can there be a genuine forgiveness where injustice pervades?

Anya kam ji…

Gwazikwa ndi yard unu…


Ya Kpotuba!

By Valentine Amala Ulasi


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