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ASA World-Wide unveils its benchmark for the next Gov. of Anambra

Greetings to all the November 6, 2021 aspirants to the Executive Governor of the great State of Anambra State of Nigeria; “the light of the nation, home for all”. On behalf of the Anambra State Association World-Wide (ASA-World), I hope that this communiqué reaches all the aspirants to the highest elected office in our State in good

Anambra State Association World-Wide ( ASA-World) is the umbrella organization of
Ndi Anambra in the Diaspora World-Wide. We are a “think home brother’s keeper philosophy driven indigenes of Ndi-Anambra State in the Diaspora registered in the United State as a 501(c) 3 charitable designate organization, with membership and affiliates in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Hong Kong- China, Japan, Ireland, Denmark, Russia, and Anambrarians residing out Anambra but living in Nigeria fondly referred to as Local Diaspora, Nigeria.

ASA-World is non-political, non-partisan, and non-politically aligned group. Our status precludes us from endorsing political candidate(s), but as a Stakeholder in the happenings in our home state, we work in concert with all stakeholders, credible NGOs, and citizenries to vet all candidates in other to unveil for the electorates the right candidate(s) with the right character and the qualification for the highest elected office in our home state; from character, blueprint for youth/human and infrastructural capital development, economic policy, environment, the security of life and property, education, health, and wellness to fiscal responsibility.

Political aspirants in Anambra

We are an Anambra-centric advocacy group that is driven only by our “think-home philosophy”.

We thank all the aspirants who have made time out of their busy schedule to liaise with us and to unveil their blueprints for sustainable development in our home state and we look forward liaising with those who are yet to liaise with us.

We (ASA-World) are resolute in our pursuit of good and innovative government, in researching service gaps and in and in working in concert with legitimately elected government of the day to do right by the citizens of our great Anambra State,” the light of the nation”.

Through our many liaisons with the aspirants, we discovered that it is incumbent on us to develop benchmark for the next Executive Governor of our great state in the hope that our efforts will educate and inform the aspirants and the electorates on the
character, skills and qualification that we expect to see in the next Executive Governor
of the light of the nation.

We collectively resolved that the days when we look the other way, and allow unqualified goons and sycophants to run the affairs of our great state are long gone.

We therefore, resolved to create minimum benchmark to hold the position of the
highest elected office in our home state which spans from money management (fiscal
responsibility), human/infrastructural development to basic understanding of socioeconomic relevance of their jobs to the governed. We therefore, resolved that the next

Executive Governor:

1. Must be elected through a free and fair election and must have an acute sense of purpose, transparency, and accountability.

2. Must be legitimately elected based on meritocracy rather than through self-aggrandizement (insinuated by his/her wealth), no godfathers and/or entitlement narrative welcome.

3. Must be financially buoyant and self-sufficient from the onset; aspires for the position of the Executive Governor of the State for the reasons of “writing the wrongs” in the Anambra State and in making a the difference in the lives of the citizenry. In other words, must not aspire for the position to
enrich himself or herself and must aspire to leave a legacy to be remembered for years after his tenure.

4. Must be ideologically-motivated to push for fairness, balance budget and believe 100% in the rules of the law and respect it, even when it did not favour him/her; meaning expenditures must be equal to revenues.

5. Must In the interest of fairness, just and inclusive “Anambra State”, ASA-World hope that the next Governor of Anambra State should rotate back to “Anambra South”, provided that the successful candidate governs as the Governor of “Anambra State” not the governor of “Anambra South” or of his hometown.

6. Must be fiscally conservative and socially liberal; a balance approach to money and people management.

7. Must understand the balancing act between his roles as a Governor and the responsibilities of the Traditional Rulers in meeting the needs of the

8. Must utilize commonly known development strategy of working in concert with all Stakeholders, Town PG ‘S, Churches, Market women, school children in meeting the needs of the citizenries

9. Must be conscripted to work in concert with the South-South, South-East Governors and the Federal Government as a strategic initiative in developing the South-South, South-East political corridors.

10. Must be willing to continue to restore trust in the quality education public education and be willing to complete all the outstanding (incomplete) projects and programs (good for the citizenry) that are not completed by the previous administration.

11. Must be mindful that the environment is paramount to the health and wellness of our people and the future of our human and infrastructural capital and above all;

12. Must avoid politics of taunting, insults, and mod sling by political parties, thrown at each other that have no value added to the growth and development of our great state; the light of the nation.

Congratulations to all the aspirants. We look forward to working with the government
of the day, all stakeholders, credible NGOs and citizenries in sourcing service gaps in
our home state.

Information respectfully communicated from Anambra Association Worldwide (ASAWorld) Secretariat – Toronto, Canada in concert with our global network from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong(China), Spain, Ireland, Dubai, and even our local Diaspora members
(Anambrarians living in Nigeria but outside Anambra

Hon. Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC, IEO
Secretary-General, ASA-World
Cc: Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze
Chairman/Medical Director ASA World

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