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Association of sickle cell patients seek help for 13y.o patient


Members of Association of people living with sickle cell disorder have called for help for a 13 year old boy who is a known sickle cell patient.

Leader of the group, Ms. Aisha Edward Madugwu made the call in an SOS to ElombahNews late Friday.

According to Ms. Madugwu, one Dr. Sibeudu, a Resident Doctor, reached out to her on behalf of the boy through a short note which reads as follows:

“Attention: Aisha Edward Madugwu

“Good evening everyone? I am Dr. Sibeudu, Resident doctor in the Department of Community Medicine Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi, Anambra. I was on duty yesterday 3/6/2021 and encountered a 13 year old Male boy who is a known sickle cell patient and presented in our facility by 3:30pm with fever, joint pains and generalized body pains.

“A diagnosis of vaso occlusive crises was made with sepsis and imminent heart failure. On examination I met an acutely ill looking patient in painful distress, with frontal bossing, severely pale and jaundiced.

“He is on IM pentazocine 30mg PRN, IM diclofenac and been covered with broad spectrum antibiotics and anti-malarials. However his haemoglobin level Is very low 6g/dl and he needs to be transfused urgently with 3 pints of blood which would cost N36,000 a blood donor if found will help reduce cost.

“Grouping and cross matching has not been done because of the financial challenges. His mother is a social mother unable to take care of him; the grandmother has been the one taking care of him because he ran away from his mother on account of maltreatment, both mother and grand mum are indigent and have no means of sourcing the funds for the blood transfusion.

“The drugs been used to treat him were sourced by a nurse. If this child doesn’t receive the blood he will likely go into anaemic heart failure.

“Pls my appeal is that his mum and grandmother need all the financial help they can get for the blood transfusion so as to SAVE HIS LIFE. Thanks in anticipation.” [END]

In a complimentary note forwarded to ElombahNews, Aisha Maduagwu wrote:

“My dear forumites

“I got the above emergency note from a doctor at NAUTH Nnewi and I feel extremely concerned to help out such boy even though he is not our registered member.

“I sincerely wish that we donate to our official account to be able to save this boy.

“I must thank the doctor who made effort to draw my attention even though it is too late for me to visit the hospital this night but I wish that I can wake up with the sum of the amount mentioned to be able to get the boy blood donors and take care of his bills.

“Thank you for your anticipated kind donation for this patient.

UBA Bank
Association of people living with sickle cell disorder

Thank you.

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