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Atiku can never restructure Nigeria

Atiku's restructuring mantra is an illusion

Apart from the fact that he derives his political and financial sustenance from the present status quo and as such will never wanna change it, below are some other reasons why Atiku can never fulfil his promise to bring in True Federalism.
Let us let go of emotions and embrace facts.
We all agree that our President has desecrated the land economically, politically and socially and as such, he has to pack up, go back home and spend time with his grandchildren until he receives the ultimate call of life. NO DOUBT.
Buhari rode on the back of CHANGE MANTRA to Abuja and disappointed some of you. Now Atiku wanna ride on the RESTRUCTURE-TRUE-FEDERALISM mantra to Aso Rock and some Nigerians have started celebrating without asking some pertinent and difficult questions on how he plans to make Nigeria a TRUE FEDERAL STATE.beyound the words of mouth.
The Nigerian National Assembly (NASS) which is made up of the upper house (Senate) and a lower house (HOReps) will have to vote YES (2/3 majority) for RESTRUCTURING-FEDERALISM to take place.
Now, Nigeria has 36 States currently and two-thirds of that are 24. .And you need this two-thirds to be able to make any real change in the constitution right? We will also need two-thirds of the 36 states houses of assembly to append their consent before Nigeria could be made a TRUE FEDERAL state.
Now, each state of the federation including Abuja has three Senators right and different numbers of House of Representative members with some states having more than the others. We actually have more HORep members in Northern Nigeria.
The Southern region has 17 States (South-west – 6, South-south – 6 and South-east – 5)
The Northern region has 19 States (North-west – 7, North-central – 6 and North-east – 6).
For any amendments to the Constitution in respect of restructuring to be made, the East (the most vocal region for a change in the status quo as at today) needs all the states in the South West (6 states) to agree to buy into restructuring. Still, it does not end with all the Southern States.
The East will still need all the states in the South-South too (This can be done if genuine agitators manifest from their—Not petrol-dollar agitators oohh!!)
The EAST will also need all the states (6 states) in the North Central (This is a mammoth task)
Still, it does not end there. They will still need another state from either the North West or North East (Without oil in these regions, this is an impossibility).
So, in essence, you can even vote a PRO-FEDERALIST President into power but he or she will still be useless IN TERMS OF ACTUALLY RESTRUCTURING Nigeria.
The skewed State creation in this country, the skewed local government creation in this country made it possible that the feudal North whose elite class benefits tremendously from the present UNITARY FEEDING BOTTLE ARRANGEMENT will have to consent to RESTRUCTURE through its proxies in the Senate, HOReps and States House of Assemblies for any kind of change to happen.
My point is that it will be hard to get anything called restructuring based on this our present structures.
The powers-that-be purposely caged us all.
What we need is a sovereign national conference.
The national assembly might not give us the solution to all these problems
The few progressives among them (If any) will be handicapped.
Differences in Ideologies are not even the main xoxo. We all know why the push for restructuring is encountering great opposition.
It is not ideological, it is based on an unfounded fear by some people who think they will not be able to generate enough money from within to run their territories and enclaves. Yes, to run the fraudulent and unsustainable states they created.
Plus, some people fear that they will lose their grip on the political powers available in their localities and the general political clout they have on the entire country.
The feudal caliphate who controls the Northern States derives their power and relevance from the semi-feudalism practised in their region, therefore, they will never willingly let go of this source of self-sustenance. The present unitary system fits in well with their sociological and traditional lifestyle up North.
You need to tell us what you mean when you say that Atiku will restructure Nigeria. How will he do it? Through an executive order? Are you dreaming?
I can understand it if your goal is only for Buhari to go
But don’t insult sane people’s intelligence by insisting that you want Buhari out because Atiku will ensure that Nigeria is RESTRUCTURED.
Don’t try to use a noble and intellectual idea like FEDERALISM to argue your case for Atiku. Just tell the world that you want Buhari out and end it there.

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