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Atiku disappointed us…big time!

By Ogbuefi Ndigbo


Okay let’s talk serious and stop clowning around.


Atiku Abubakar has been in politics for how long now? He has been influencing things in this country for how long? I am not talking about just strutting up and down the corridors of power, But actually making things happen? Is he a political unicorn?

However, you want to tell me, I mean you want me to believe that he didn’t know that results manipulations is the next step after rigging at the polling unit failed?

Ekewa Olu wrote: I have not even ever been involved in real time politics, not even in school did I ever contest neither supported anyone for anything, at least not until Goodluck Jonathan.. But I knew.. I mean Even my maitaba knew..

Still he let it happen?

Don’t come here and ask me what he should have done differently without reading the 4th paragraph again..

However let me tell you this, if I were on Atiku’s team, waiting until after the thing has happened, not having any plans to checkmate it, what ever the cost, just to go to court would be the very very very last thing on my mind..

If this is the narrative you’re pushing, then what you’re telling the world was that despite his wealth of experience, his pull and reach, he just assumed it wouldn’t happen, he didn’t prepare for this. Or there was nothing he could have done?

If that’s your angle, then In closing, I think I should tell you Atiku failed, he failed to show me he wanted it bad enough.

Someone asked me, what should he have done? He added that Goodluck E Jonathan closed his eyes while the violent evil APC rigged him out. He knew if he challenged he would win in court but he walked away…so that a day like this may come.

My answer is to him is whether he remembers the story of the Kano Resident Electoral Commissioner in 2015, and who was the commissioner of police of that state when that incident happened?

I also asked same person if they knew how many state governors in 2014-15 that were PDP but worked for apc? And if that couldn’t have been replicated now?

If they knew how many military men worked against Jonathan, if they knew who was the head of procurement for the whole Nigerian army in 2015? And where he is now? How many lost their jobs to put him there? and how they thought that was done?

I also asked what they thought the reward was that would have made all that possible in 2015? If they have seen how Buhari implements his reward system? And if it could have been replicated in 2019?

I have asked how those who were involved first hand, when they fought dirty against a gentleman how could they have expected to win a fight gently with a mad man?

Nobody has answered me.. that is why my response to the argument was if Atiku didn’t know, then he has failed!

If on the other hand he did know and expected these things to happen, and did nothing, to at least expose it and defend his mandate outside going to Buhari’s court. Then again he has failed.

If he did or didn’t know and didn’t prepare for it, then again he failed.

I am just a citizen, with no information save what I see and hear, but I am a thinker. I do so very deeply.

So in answer to your question, I don’t know what I was expecting him to do, but it most certainly was not going to court.

Another friend argued that the world over, there’s hardly an election without electoral malpractices, but the point remains on the magnitude. Some are minimal and manageable, while some like Nigeria that has been refined and taken to a new dimension to the next level…

My response is, there are states Buhari saw votes, where if PDP did their homework well would have been like Rivers.

Whereas there are states he didn’t see votes, where PDP should have at least one Rep and a Senator like wait for instance that they came home with zilch. And everyone just wants to pamper them.. For this abysmal performance? Do they think presidency is moinmoin?

Now we know that Atiku don’t have the capacity that we all thought that he has, if Atiku can be openly rigged out like this even the restructuring that he is promising us he can not do it.

When Buhari and APC rigged Jonathan out in 2015 Atiku was part of that game plan. I never knew that he will fold his hands and watch Buhari to do the same thing they did against Jonathan 4 years ago.

Some say the army and the entire security operatives in Nigeria report to the sitting president. “So there’s practically nothing he could do in that situation”.

But atiku has been in politics since before some of us were born, and you are telling me that you truly believe there was no way he could do anything about it?

Atiku knew that Rigging is the Ointment that Oils the Nigerian political system.The Naija politician is a personification of Rigging – A cross between Tony Anenih (Police) and Atiku Abubakar (Customs).Two sides of Ingloriousness.Embodiment of Evil. ODAJU – Morally Broken Swines.

Even the bible states that right from the day of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffer violence and violence taketh it by force and wisdom is profitable to direct.

There Atiku stacked big time.

That Buhari employed the same strategy we’ve been talking about for ages to defeat an Atiku that we all thought would have a counter strategy, and he did it so flagrantly so without consideration, I mean so obviously is a fail. No Matter how anyone spins it… QED

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