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#Atiku+PDP=RestructuringMovement Joins PDP Support Base

The Formal Transmutation of #Atiku+PDP=RestructuringMovement to PDP Support Group

The #Atiku+PDP=RestructuringMovement came on board after Atiku Abubakar, (GCON) left APC to PDP on December 3, 2017; but it quickly assumed life of its own when millions of Nigerians started identifying with the #tag on social media.

The movement was in forefront of canvassing support for candidate Atiku in the run-up to the presidential primary of PDP. It has been social media based.

As a result of huge buy-in by Nigerians because of the belief that restructuring is the only way to go in terms of re positioning the country for peace, equality and justice; we now feel it should transform to a support group to help in the actualization of Atiku Abubakar’s  presidential ambition.

It is a fact that Atiku Abubakar has been canvassing for the need to re calibrate Nigeria, to put an end to all manner of crisis bedeviling the country.

It is worthy of note that when he was challenged to forward a template for the restructuring proper, he produced one. This singular demonstration of sincerity on Atiku’s part, added to our resolve to back his presidential aspiration.

Now that he is the flag-bearer of PDP in 201 presidential elections, he has gone ahead to set time line for execution of the restructuring, if elected the president come February 16, 2019.

In the light of the encouraging steps taken by the presidential candidate of PDP towards restructuring, more than five hundred thousand (500,000) Nigerians that have come to physically identify with our Movement are now calling for its transmutation to a political support group within PDP.

These Nigerians believe that since the nation has seen a presidential candidate that is truly committed to restructuring, it will be in the interest of the Movement to fuss into PDP and Atiku campaign organization with a view to canvassing vote and support for candidate Atiku Abubakar.

The Movement also feels that it will be better to fuss into PDP as well as Atiku Abubakar campaign organisation in order to be in position to hold Atiku by his word on restricting; as our voice will be easily heard within PDP.

By this press release, all members of #Atiku+PDP=RestructuringMovement all over the federation are mandated to start mobilizing and canvassing support for Atiku Abubakar’s Presidential ambition.

The press release was signed by the National Coordinator, Mr. Emeka Oraetoka and the Secretary, Mr. Hassan Jalo.

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