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Atiku’s VP: Peter Obi or Ngozi Iweala

By J Duke Anago


I feel slightly irritated with Igbos campaigning for VP to come from south west. They are divided into three categories:

1. Those that want Ike Ekweremadu to emerge as Senate President.

2. Those who don’t want Peter Obi as Vice President.

3. Those who genuinely feel Yoruba votes need to be divided in order to defeat President Buhari.

I don’t have a problem with group one as I don’t really have anything personal against Ikeoha’s ambition. But such ambition shouldn’t be at detriment of our birthright. We already enjoyed Senate President and shared it among all states in SE.

Group two are members of APGA under the payroll of Gov Obiano and Senator Victor Umeh. Two characters exhibiting gross anti-Igbo agenda. No word for them.

Group three are those I want to address.

In 1999, we sacrificed Late Dr Ekwueme’s ambition to placate the Yorubas. Infact, Yorubas were not stakeholders in PDP. They were in AD. Ekwueme would have won but the same strategy let Obasanjo fly the flag so we share the votes of the south west since they are for Olu Falae and May decide not to vote for Ekwueme and he would lose. We sacrificed Ekwueme to please the Yorubas and get their vote.

In 2007, power returned to the north. Igbos were supposed to be the Vice. But because Obasanjo we sacrificed Ekwueme for felt Ijaw’s need to be placated to reduce militancy, and give sense of belonging due to their contribution in the stake called Nigeria, Igbos ambition was once again sacrificed. We concluded that after Yar’dua, in 2015, it would be Igbo turn.

Late Yar’dua died in office and Jonathan became the president. Igbos took him as their own. Jonathan lost in 2015 and Buhari became President. He showed us unprecedented dislike because we supported PDP. Yorubas laughed at us and made so much mockery of our strategy.

Another election is coming and Igbos have sustained their opposition of this government and paid for that sacrifice. But outside the fact that this administration shut the doors on the Igbos, the suffering was not limited to the Igbos, it’s countrywide. Igbo, Hausa, idoma, Yoruba, Tiv, Jukun, Efik, Ijaw and Fulani all are became poorer.

Following PDP zoning Formular, party chairman to SS, President to North and Vice to South East. Suddenly, these group are telling the party that our votes are in the bag and should take what was zoned to our region and give to south west so we can get their votes. This to me is not only outright stupid, it is also political miscalculation.

If the hunger in the land, impoverishment and surging poverty is not enough for SW and other regions to vote alternative candidate, they should return President Buhari to continue his change.

Like I wrote in one of my posts, removal of Buhari is not a do or die for me. If he remains in power after 2019, in the next 4years, he is out. If Atiku wins in 2019, he would also be out in the next 4years based on his gentleman pledge, which I believe.

However, Igbos are no longer ready to sacrifice their position to placate any region. Vice 2019 and President 2023 remains our valid birthright for continuous peace and cohesion in one Nigeria. So, let’s bury that idea of SW Vice topic and start discussing who among the duo of Mr Peter Obi and NOI, should be Atiku’s running mate.

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