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Aunty Oby And Her Political Surugede ~ By Charles Ogbu


Vote splitting is a topic in political science. According to Wikipedia, it is an electoral effect in which the distribution of votes among multiple similar candidates reduces the chance of winning for any of the similar candidates, and increases the chance of winning for a dissimilar candidate.

For example, if I were contesting in an election and sensing that area C is my opponent’s strong hold, I may choose to sponsor one or two people from that same area C to contest for the same position I am gunning for. That way, the vote that will ordinarily go to my main opponent will be split while my own votes from my own stronghold will remain untouched, all for me.

This is exactly what Vote Splitting means.

So when few months to a Make or Mar General Election, some supri-supri speaking Theorists jump out from nowhere, no structure, no strong political background, not even the wherewithal to muster enough agents to dispatch to almost 120,000 polling units in the country and they tell you they want to be President, scratch your brain not for they are vote Splitters working to return the Lifeless incumbent to power.

Dr. Oby Ezekwesili

Madam Oby Ezekwesili helped midwife a failed PACT for Fela Durotoye, Omoyele Sowore and Kingsley Moghalu – the same PACT they all accused each other of rigging – only to suddenly change from being an umpire to being a candidate, now with just 3 weeks to a Make or Mar General election, she chickened out and is now going back to help re-midwife the very same COALITION she initially betrayed and according to her, she is building the Coalition to fight APC-PDP in the February election.

An election that is just 22 days away!

Her own vice Presidential candidate and entire party leadership declared support for President Buhari almost before she could finish writing her ‘withdrawal’ speech. Now, Fela Odutoye, Mr Inspire To Expire is stepping down too.

For those who are yet to get the clear picture, here, let me break it down:

President Muhammadu Buhari handlers (The Cabals) knew that while he (Buhari) still retain the support of SOME of his Northern voters who will vote him even if he were to use nuclear weapon on Southern Christians, he  will have serious problem getting votes in the South with Python Dance in the southeast, invasion of Ile-Ife and hand-cuffing and parading of Yoruba Obas, plus Fulani herdsmen festival of death etc.

And they are aware that those votes he will not get from the South will ordinarily go to the PDP. But since it is common knowledge that youths form more than half of the voting population, why not engage this political formula called Vote Splitting by sponsoring well known faces that some of those youths naively see as role Models?

This was how these ‘political alleluia boys and girl’ mouthing off coalition came to be. And here is the plan which will unfold in the next couple of days:

Both Fela and Oby and possibly Sowore will throw their weight behind Professor Moghalu and deceive the gullible ones into thinking that they now have a Coalition that can defeat both the PDP and APC, never mind that their party office is only in Abuja and Lagos.

And make no mistake, the likes of Oby, Fela and co are not the only people working for Buhari. I know of one Igbo governor who went to Benue state to pick a military man as the Presidential candidate of one political party they fraudulently refer to as “Nke a Bu Nke Anyi” (This one is our own). I’m talking of APGA here.

This governor did this because he knew that Benue people and the entire Middle Belt are not likely to vote for Buhari as a result of the herdsmen death festival in the region. So instead of allowing those votes go to the PDP, why not deceive the less enlightened folks amongst them into wasting their vote thinking they are voting to make their brother President?

The tragic irony here is that it is not even Buhari that those vote Splitters are working for but the dark hearted conscienceless Cabal to whom Buhari himself is even a casualty.

Let me end this with a warning:

The PDP’s Atiku Abubakar remains the only candidate with the wherewithal to defeat Buhari. If you genuinely want Buhari and his Cabal to leave Aso Rock, get your PVC, prepare to travel to your place of registration, when you get there on the 16th of FailBuhari, vote for Atiku.

That is the only way to vote wisely if your aim is to remove Buhari. We are facing Existential Threat here. All of us. This is no time for distractions or aimless rhetorics.

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