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Authorities blast JAMB over call for uneven cutoff marks for varsities

JAMB Registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede called  for uneven cutoff marks for universities.

A Lecturer from the University of Abuja has condemned the call by the Registrar of Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Ishaq Oloyede [above] for uneven cutoff marks for universities.

Recall that Prof. Oloyede, in a statement, had advocated varying minimum cutoff marks between universities, colleges and Polytechnics, and for each individual institution.

Prof. Oloyede made the advocacy in statement he issued on Sunday, signed by JAMB Head of Information, Fabian Benjamin.

According to the statement, this is part of the change agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari concerning education.

Speaking on the proposed cutoff marks, the Registrar also called on all notable stakeholders to rethink the issue of cut of marks. 

He called for a national debate on the propriety of cut off marks, saying institutions should be allowed to determine the kind of candidates they want.  

He argued that the uniformity of cutoff marks doesn’t make any sense when colleges and Polytechnics admit for NCE and Diplomas while Universities admit for Degrees and yet we subject them to the same cut off marks.

He said: “If a University wants 250 as minimum cutoff marks why not and if another want less so be it. 

“If a Polytechnic like Yaba want 250 let them admit and if Gboko polytechnics in Benue State where I come from want less than 200 let them admit. 

“Institutions should be known for their individual quality and not collective standard. 

“This will foster positive competition for the overall good of our tertiary institutions.

However, while some education authorities agreed with Oloyede in some areas, they kicked against certain aspects of the advocacy.

In an interview with Elombah.com, the Abuja University Lecturer, who chose to remain anonymous, agreed that since colleges, Polytechnics and Universities are on different courses, a uniform cutoff mark will not make sense.

He, however, vehemently kicked against irregular cutoff marks between universities.

He regretted Oloyede’s statement wherein he said: “If a University wants 250 as minimum cutoff marks why not and if another want less so be it.”

The lecturer argued that such ‘different strokes for different folks’ marks will produce half-baked graduates in one institution, while producing full graduates in another.

“What is Zamfara State, like in unity schools, demands just 50 cutoff marks while another demands 250 cutoff marks,” he asked.

Worse yet, both classes will later vie for the same employment opportunity after education.

He, therefore, encouraged the education to buy into Oloyede’s recommendation to scrap uniform cutoff marks for colleges, Polytechnics and Universities.

He, however, demands that the recommendation for different cutoff marks between universities.

The issue of cutoff marks has also been a raging cause of argument in government unity colleges where a student from Anambra State will need as high as 165 points to enrol.

Whereas, the Zamfara State counterpart need as little as 2 points to enrol in same school.

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