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Azubogu speaks on South East Security, Anambra Airport, Workers’ Day

South East Security: Growing Insecurity will deepen employment crisis, calls for restorative justice commission on human right violation in resolving the security challenges in South East, creating jobs for young people

(1) The leading Governorship aspirant under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the November 6 election, Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu, has expressed concerns over the growing insecurity in the country, lamenting that it is exacerbating the unemployment crisis, especially among the youth.

(2) Stating that insecurity drives investment and its attendant jobs away. Azubogu, who is the member representing Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, urged all citizens to unite and embrace the peace that will engender a healthy environment for investments that will generate jobs for the youth.

(3) Engr Azubogu, who spoke after attending the PDP National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at Abuja on Thursday and also collected his PDP clearance certificate to contest the primaries for the November 6 Governorship election said: “The growing insecurity in our country should worry everyone. If there is a better time for the country to put a mechanism that will guarantee peace, that time is now. We should all unite to find the peace that will provide healthy environments for investments that will generate jobs for young people,” Azubogu said.

(4) Azubogu also regretted that the growing insecurity will keep investors away from Nigeria especially with the coming of the Africa Continental Trade Area (AfCTA).

(5) According to him, “the danger is that at a time we should be exploring huge African single market with the coming of African Continental Trade Area(AfCTA), we are facing serious insecurity and the consequences is that investors will move into other African countries and manufacture from there and flood our market without import duties in-line with AfCTA protocols.

(6) “The implication is that more people will be out of jobs in Nigeria while our consumption will create more jobs for other African countries. We have to unite and resolve this growing insecurity and activate our manufacturing capacity to create jobs.” Azubogu said.

(7) The leading PDP Governorship aspirant had earlier visited some of the security infrastructure damaged in Anambra State, appealed to those attacking the security infrastructure in the State to stop forthwith to allow for meaningful development and effective solution to issues facing the state.

(8) “There is also a need for us to open a new conversation that will involve all parties on how to resolve the growing insecurity in South East, especially in Anambra State. And we all have to support the State government and all the other leaders to find solutions to the spate of insecurity. To this, we should open conversation with the people of the State as we pursue the civic engagement on how to resolve it.

(9) Establishing an effective Truth and Reconciliation Commission just like South African did after the apartheid era will help us in Anambra State to identify victims of human right violations in the state and develop a mechanism for proper reconciliation that will end what looks like a culture of self-help that has generated vicious circle of violence due to weak administration of criminal justice system that has allowed the human right violation to grow so much to this point. ” he said.

(10) Azubogu noted that with the PDP clearance certificate, he has been given the go-ahead by the party’s Screening Committee to go ahead with his campaign towards the June 26, Governorship election primary.

(11) Azubogu while commiserating with victims of insecurity and other violent crimes, stated that an alternative to violence should be explored for humanity’s sake.

Azubogu reacts as first flight lands at Anambra Airport

(1) I join the rest of Ndi Anambra and friends to celebrate the successful landing of the maiden flight at the newly constructed Anambra airport at Umueri.

(2) Like I stated in my earlier statement on March 26, the airport is already here with us and we must now move to the next phase – which is to create economic blocks that will make the airport economically viable.

(3) While I salute Gov. Willie Obiano led government of Anambra state on this airport project, I wish to state that we must now move to the next phase which will turn the airport into a critical development infrastructure. The thing about every infrastructure is that it is either it ends up as an asset or liability to the people. In this case therefore, we have to work out strategies to make it an asset for our projected economic growth.

(4) Accordingly, I wish to reiterate my earlier promise that, if elected Governor of Anambra state by God’s grace, we will focus on providing the right infrastructure and public policy initiatives that will advance our quest to lead the nation’s manufacturing sector. This in turn will boost the state’s export capacity and quicken the development of tourism related activities that will compel more people to use the airport to ensure viability.

(5) God willing, under my watch, Anambra state will strongly encourage primary production in order to have more products to export, especially with the advent of Africa Continental Trade Area (AfCTA).

(6) We will establish Agro processing zone/ industrial park within the Omambala axis which shall focus on Agro production, processing, value chain/addition, etc with international best practices to ensure a fair international market share for products manufactured or cultivated in Anambra state. We will also develop an integrated tourism policy that will attract tourists who will visit the state using the airport.

(7) Major intra-state roads leading to the airport will be reconstructed to make it a first choice for people flying to and fro the state, no matter which part of the state one resides. This will also attract patronage from within neighboring states.

(8) We will, through intergovernmental relations, [state/state and State/Federal] collaborate with the federal and neighboring states governments to rehabilitate or construct inter-state roads, particularly Anambra/Enugu road through Ayamulum LGA; and Anambra/Kogi road through Anambra West LGA to make the airport easily accessible to people from neighboring parts of Kogi and Enugu States.

(9) Let me reiterate that we will dualize Nkwelle Ezunaka / 33 road, from the back of Onitsha GRA to Aguleri Junction, as a deliberate effort to reduce traffic gridlock and avail road users multiple options that will also make the airport more accessible for patrons from Onitsha commercial/industrial cluster.

(10) We will work smartly to improve security in the state through various initiatives that will enhance job availability for young people under our watch.

(11) If elected governor by God’s grace, Anambra state government, under my watch, will pursue strategic urban renewal and infrastructure expansion that will stimulate growth in the state and add value to the airport’s viability.

(12) The general focus is to stimulate economic activities that will fuel aviation transportation activities at the newly constructed Anambra Airport. I so much believe that government is a continuum and we will focus on how to improve whatever we inherit as a government.

(13) I would have been part of those that witnessed the historical arrival of the first flight to the airport at Umueri but for the fact that I was out of the state.

Congratulations, Ndi Anambra.

Engr. Azubogu eulogises Anambra workers on Workers’ Day, calls for review of workers’ role in our development as a people

Engr Chris Emeka Azubogu, the leading Peoples Democratic Party, PDP governorship aspirant in the forth coming 2021 Anambra State Gubernatorial election on November 6 election, has eulogised members of the Labour Union in Anambra State on their effort towards the development of the state.

Azubogu made the statement in a press release through his media office on Saturday, May 1st, adding that there is, however, need for review of the role of engagement in order to bring the best out of our civil servants for improved good of the state.

While I eulogise our workers for their role over the years, regarding development of Anambra State, I wish to add that we have to consider the review of the role of civil servants on the state development going forward.

“We can not really carry out meaningful development in our dear state without the civil service. This takes me to the issue of making our workers to understand how important they are to our development as a people.”

Azubogu, as a consultant to Anambra State Government between 2007-2011, handled the verification exercise of Anambra State Civil Servants and Pensioners, where he eliminated ghost workers and pensioners. His ICT innovative application, through his installed automated payment system, saw the state saving about N100million monthly after payment of workers salaries and pensions•

The man fondly known as Mr Project for obvious reasons, stated further that if, by God’s grace, he becomes governor, that his government will develop a strong synergy with workers in line with his projected economic growth for the state.

“We will partner with workers of dear state and key them into innovative ways of service delivery that will not only benefit them but also benefit the state. They will have reasons to celebrate as it will be win-win situation for everyone,” he concluded while also wishing Ndi Anambra happy new month.

Azubogu Media Office

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