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Baby Loses Crawl Race by Taking Nap in the Middle of It


[On a lighter note] If there’s any way to lose a race, this is the way to do it. 

At a Sacramento Kings game on Sunday night, six brave babies participated in a crawling race, a beloved tradition at Kings games in which a group of babies crawl across the court from one parent to another. 

One baby named Landon was poised to take the lead when, all of a sudden, he decided to lie down for a nap

We know athletics can be exhausting.

(And we wish impromptu naps were always socially acceptable.) 

It was a two baby @KPShare Baby Race until one decided to… take a nap!

Gemma, recognizing an opportunity when she saw one, crawled to the lead as Landon settled in for his well-deserved sleep. 

While Gemma way have won this particular race, we’re inclined to say that Landon is winning at life in general.

Watch the video HERE.


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