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Back Stage: My Journey Into Literary World ―By Peter Obidike


On the first day, he sat down on his two hundred and fifty thousand naira desk, looked at his computer, looked again and continued to stare as nothing came out of his coconut head! (lol, na joke I de joke oh), because he has not been initiated which is what I intend to do by this essay, a writing clinic for those who care to start.

The title of each essay has proven to be key in catching the attention of the target audience as we compete in the social media for space given the so many channels. 

Some essays start with a title as the brooding progresses while some get their titles framed after the meal is cooked but careful attention is given to this part of the work.

Initially, it was hard to keep up with the pressure, and the urge to depend on the mechanical writing was there but my friend mentioned to me one day, that, it was better to have one solid meal a day than rubbish three square meals and I took that advice electing to rather do a proper job as the spirit directs. 

Reading books as time permits, listening attentively in conversations and observing my environment as much as possible have come in handy in developing materials for my cooking.

Sometimes, a long walk while listening to the radio or some music has done the magic just like this piece which I wrote after a long morning walk. It has a way of letting you think deep into issues that may materialize as subjects of everyday discussion.

Interestingly, given our society, there are topics one gets shy to talk about such as sexuality but another of my friend came to the rescue again. He encouraged me not to think about what some people may say, noting that such thought could discourage creativity. 

This emboldened “My Conversation” and it was no longer shy to call out “Vagina” or “Penis” and all the likes in any essay that required such to bring out the message. 

Unfortunately, that boldness has not reached the level of diving into politics and the likes that may take one to “Jail,” or make one become the target of bad people or get one into detention like the publishers of Sahara Reporters, as my “Children still de small.” 

Also, a no go area is that of religion, the opium of the people and this one is for obvious reasons, to keep my audience focused on other social issues that can educate and entertain them  while leaving the personal religious beliefs private.

Second part of “Back stage…” will focus on the struggle with English language, rushing to press and the people who ensure we lay back and do a better job.

Peter Obidike wrote from www.peterobidike.com and p_obidike@yahoo.com

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