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Bandits didn’t attack Kaduna/Abuja train; I was there ~ by Sani Dauda


It was Monday morning, we were rushing to return to our offices in Abuja. We left kaduna around 10:37am, two minutes behind schedule. Everything was going smoothly until few minutes to Kubwa train station when some stupid boys threw some big stones at the train. It wasn’t their first anyway.

This is the second time I’m experiencing something like this. One of the windows was affected and the police vowed to pursue, get them arrested and punished to serve as deterrence.

Before we know it, the train had stopped and some Police were on ground, including some train officials and even passengers. None of them would try this if it were the armed bandits as being circulated.

While they were pursuing the boys, the passengers on the train opened the doors trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening. Many passengers were not happy with the way and manner the whole thing was handled though. Lamenting that it could be an ambush.

No single shot was fired. We spent at least 15 minutes there and I doubt if they were able to arrest the boys. We saw them returning to the train empty handed.

While discussing with other passengers, I asked them to watch out for the sensational reports tomorrow morning because that was exactly what happened when similar incidence occurred.

And here we are, sharing that armed bandits had attack the train. It’s not true.

Sani Sallau Dauda

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