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Bandits Have Stopped Students from schools & Farmers not go to farms ~ Gov Bello

The Niger State Governor, Mr. Abubakar Bello, has on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, cried out loud that bandits have stopped students from going to schools and farmers from going to farm in the state.

The governor who seems to be overwhelmed by the unprecedented insecurity in his state has launched the Niger Special Vigilante Corps aimed at checking the activities of youth gangs, especially those operating in Minna.

He reportedly launched the Special Vigilante Corps at the Police Headquarters in Minna with participants drawn from nine different local security outfits.

According to the governor, “While the security agencies were battling with bandits in the rural areas, a new dimension came in Minna which is unacceptable. We have situation where we have youth gangs fighting themselves, creating injuries on travellers, that is totally unacceptable”.

Governor Bello however urged parents to live up to their responsibility through good parenting.

“Bandits have forced us to change our way of life in Niger State. They stopped our children from going to school, stopped us from travelling on our roads, stopped farmers from going to farm and now, they are trying to stop our children from going to Islamic school.

“But we will not be intimidated. We will not allow that to happen. We will continue to live our normal lives,” he decried.

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