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Bauchi Students Urge Governor To Make Education Top Agenda

By Najeeb Sani Adamu


The National Union of Bauchi State Students (NUBASS) has charged the newly sworn in Governor of the State Bala Mohammed to make education a top agenda of his administration.

National President of the union, Comrade Ahmad Shehu Hassan gave the charge in a congratulatory letter to the governor, copies of which were made available to newsmen on Friday in Bauchi.

Hassan alleged that the past government has not done well in the area of education and payments of scholarship to students.

He said they are looking up to the new administration to revamp the sector.

“Moreover our basic education needs special attention, we have bad infrastructures in our schools, leaking roofs which led to students exposure to danger under the watch of previous government. This is unacceptable. Every child deserves to attend school in a building that provides a safe and healthy learning environment, free of harmful substances with systems that can keep the building at a comfortable temperature; and with roofs and walls that aren’t crumbling”. He pleaded.

He advised that the government should establish a special task force to improve school facilities, examine whether or not students’ learning environments are safe and healthy; identify needs and provide recommendations on how to address the problems.

“Through the formative years of a child, his/her first encounter with education defines what he/she learns and applies in life.

“From my biased analysis across the state, there is an apparent deficiency in the basic education obtained, where certain grammatical rules and tense principles were neglected or not properly instilled.

“I repeat, this is not meant to smear anyone, but to intimate His Excellency towards the avoidable decay that our basic education system is heading towards if action is delayed.” the statement reads.

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