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Be Ready To Dance In The Market Square If That Is What You All Want: Uche-Mefor Warns IPOB cabals


Be Ready To Dance In The Market Square If That Is What You All Want: Uche-Mefor Warns IPOB cabals

The deputy leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Uche-Mefor has accused some elements within the movement of ganging up against their African representative, Mr Onyibe. This controversial revelation however has thrown up so much suspicion among the leadership hierarchy of the group

Uche-Mefor who sounded visibly angry noted that “it is very obvious that some people are hard of hearing. You have all taken my penchant for calmness and the genuine concerns of others for granted”.

“Yes, I am specifically directing this to those who are unjustly ganging up against Mazi Onyibe, our Africa Rep and interim Nigerian co-ordinator. Be ready to dance in the market square if that is what you all want. Just go ahead and let us see. You shall all soon realise that your nuisance value will pale in comparison”.

Mefor also accused some group of cabals at home and outside the region of victimizing innocent members of the movement

“I will once again advise you all to look into the activities of a group of cabal in Biafraland in collaboration with some individuals outside Biafraland victimising innocent IPOB family members that they are supposed to be protecting. Elderly mothers and fathers were molested and inflicted grievous bodily harms on and we are moving on as if nothing happened. People are lied against and unjustly maltreated. I have asked that those issues be looked into but we are here pursuing shadows. Those despicable conducts can never covered”

This unfortunate statement from the deputy leader of IPOB has further questioned the sincerity of its leaders. We can also recall that over 67 members of the proscribed group were arrested by the Imo State police while on a mission to the home of a herbalist. The group is yet to react to the situation after several messages that was sent by our correspondent to some of it’s leaders got no response

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